Chufah peanuts - health benefits

Nature is generous with its gifts, you only need to look around carefully to notice them. After all, sometimes a person under his feet is wealth, which has no price. Take, for example, an amazing plant with a strange name chufa.

 The benefits and harms of chufa peanuts

Outwardly, this herbaceous perennial reminds sedge. In principle, this plant is one of the representatives of the sedge family. The peculiarity of this unpretentious perennial is that behind the outward unattractiveness of the wild sedge there is a real treasure hidden in its root part.

During the period of ripening on the rhizome of chufa, a scattering of small-sized tubers appears, which are similar in shape and color to nuts. For this feature, the plant has received another name - earthen almonds, but some connoisseurs of the plant world know how to feed.These three names say a lot, because the people gave the representatives of the wildlife names in which their properties and features were reflected. And since earthen almonds have long been famous for their useful qualities and the ability to quickly saturate a person, he received such a promising name - to feed.

General information

Homeland earthen almonds - the Mediterranean region. The first mention of it is in ancient historical annals dating back to the second millennium BC. The high nutritional properties and usefulness of tubers also appealed to residents of African countries, which served to the rapid spread of this culture on the hottest continent.

Today the habitat of chufa is very wide. It is grown in regions with a subtropical climate and in the tropics in order to obtain nourishing tubers. White walnut kernels are consumed in dried and roasted form. There is a special method of cooking milk from nuts. They can make many other drinks with high healing properties.

Earthen almonds do not require special care and they take root even on scanty soils.Therefore, many gardeners grow it in their backyards.

Characteristics and composition

Syt - plant bushy. Under favorable conditions, its height reaches a meter or more. The number of nuts that form on the branching of the rhizome reaches several hundred. The fruits are oval-shaped, and their dark brown skin is wrinkled after drying. Mature kernels have a pleasant taste that resembles the taste of peanuts.

But not only is peanut famous for its taste, it is also highly valued in medical circles for its mass of beneficial properties. All curative characteristics of chufy are due to a set of useful components, which nature itself has connected together in these amazing nuts.

So, in the composition of Syti present:

  1. Fat Their share is very high - about 35%. This explains the ability to quickly satisfy hunger and saturate the body. The truth is that large quantities of nuts should not be consumed, since it is too heavy food, it can cause problems with the intestines. It is known that the calories of chufa exceed all other nuts: the energy value of 100 g of the product is 600 kcal.
  2. Vitamins. They are also quite a lot in the peanuts. The presence of vitamins E and C is especially significant, since these two representatives of the vitamin group are responsible for strengthening the walls of blood vessels and cleansing the body from metabolic products.
  3. Mineral elements. They are represented in the rich composition.
  4. Natural proteins make nuts especially nutritious.
  5. Organic acids. They are involved in many physiological processes. For example, oleic acid is responsible for the breakdown of cholesterol, which causes great harm to the body.
  6. There are kernels in the starch, possessing astringent properties and sugars, which improve the taste of the product.
  7. Other essential trace elements include lipids, gums, fiber.

As a rule, peanut in raw form is not used. It is fried and dried, and even allowed to produce flour. They also prepare milk from tubers and milk, which is highly valued for its beneficial qualities. The oil obtained from chufa is not at all inferior in quality to olive oil. The product is very popular in the cosmetic industry and cooking.

Syt has another advantage, which should definitely be mentioned - the plant and its fruits rarely provoke the development of allergies.

Helpful advice! Those who grow ground almonds must remember that the optimal time to harvest the nuts is the end of September. If the tubers are removed earlier, their usefulness will be much lower.

What syt useful for the body?

If a peanut is used correctly, it can have a positive impact on the work of many systems and organs. Here are just some of the effects that occur with regular use of ground almonds:

 What syt useful for the body

  • normalization of the cardiovascular system;
  • positive effect on the nervous sphere of the human body;
  • activation of brain activity;
  • saturation with vital energy;
  • promotes a positive attitude;
  • reduces sugar content;
  • removes radionuclides;
  • stabilizes digestion.

It is noticed that if you constantly eat small portions of the kernels of chufa nuts, a person will acquire emotional balance. Nuts, infused with alcohol or vodka, quickly relieve cold symptoms.

Fact! Dried leaves of the plant improve the quality of sleep and relieve nightmares. Enough to put a few leaves to the cushion filler, and sound sleep is provided.


Doctors highly appreciate the virtues of herbal preparations and believe that the use of syty in prudent doses will bring a person only benefit. But in this area there are some contraindications. From ground almond should be abandoned:

persons prone to obesity;

people with intolerance to this product.

With care to use the tubers in any form is worth those who have problems with the functioning of the kidneys. But in any case, if there are any doubts about the appropriateness of the use of a particular product, including chufy, it is better to consult with a specialist.

Ground Almond Oil

Oil rich, obtained in the process of cold pressing, deserves special attention. It has a rich taste, and after processing all the healing properties in it are saved. This product is superior to all known analogues in its effectiveness.Chufa oil is mainly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Due to the high level of oleic acid in it, their regular use gives the following consistent results:

  • inhibits the aging process of the skin;
  • eliminates signs of inflammation;
  • promotes the natural processes of regeneration of the skin;
  • cleans tissues from toxins, removes excess fluid;
  • strengthens the structure of hair and nails.

Usually, the external use of cosmetics is combined with the internal use of products derived from ground almonds. Such a combination enhances the positive effect and ensures the durability of the result.

Medical Use

The scope of the use of chufa in medicine is quite extensive. Tubers of plants and leaves are used both for preventive purposes and for providing therapeutic effects. To achieve the desired result, you can simply supplement the diet with a small amount of nuts or take the butter and milk obtained from them. With regular use in food listed products:

 The use of chufa for medical purposes

  • brain activity is activated, which improves memory;
  • working capacity increases;
  • sleep normalizes;
  • depression disappears without a trace.
  1. Earthen almonds are very useful for women who have bright manifestations in menopause. Fruits also increase the body's defenses and facilitate the course of infections.
  2. Infusion of chufy fruit reduces glucose levels, which greatly improves the condition of people with diabetes.
  3. Extract of fatness is a reliable helper in the fight against intestinal infections and pneumonia caused by staphylococcus.
  4. Tinctures. As a water infusion, and a means infused on the basis of alcohol from the leaves and tubers of the plant, its therapeutic characteristics are similar to the tincture of ginseng.
  5. Antioxidant tea. Raw nuts are great at removing slags and free isotopes. But the best way to remove radionuclides is tea made from dry leaves of chufa. The drink is especially useful to those who live in ecologically unfavorable regions, where air and soil are heavily polluted.
  6. A decoction of ground almond roots quickly relieves toothache. Rinse the mouth with a warm enough solution and the discomfort disappears. And, if you grind into the powder roots, and then rub the mixture into the gum,You can cure gingivitis in such a simple way. Healing broth is easy to prepare if:
  • First chop the kernels of nuts.
  • Fill the mass with water.
  • Boil the composition on low heat for about 10 minutes.
  • Strain
  • Drink a drink daily for a whole glass at a time.

Undoubtedly, chufa deserves the highest marks of those unique qualities that she has in abundance. It was not by chance that in ancient times, ground nuts could appear on the table only for very rich people. But today, anyone can afford such pleasure. Regularly eating the tubers of an amazing plant can significantly enhance immune resources and improve health. Only we must always remember about the measure.

Video: processing and cleaning chufa

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