Ginseng Oolong - useful properties and contraindications

In eastern medicine, ginseng is of particular importance. After all, this plant has a wonderful power that can prolong the youth of a person and support his health. Therefore, the root itself, as well as all the vegetable mixes in which it is present, are incredibly popular today. In this row, ginseng oolong stands out for its exquisite aroma. Its taste is remembered from the first sip.

 Ginseng oolong

This half-fermented tea blend is a good example of a successful symbiosis of Taiwanese and Chinese teas, additionally processed with a special extract of ginseng. Ginseng oolong is produced mainly in Taiwan. The process of obtaining the product is quite simple: ginseng root is dried first in the sun, and then turn it into powder.

If you regularly use oolong ginseng, you can significantly strengthen your body.It is no coincidence that this product in the East is called "the lord of teas". It is believed that the systematic use of the drink can give a person immortality.

Features of composition and taste

The basis of the tea product is a mixture of several medicinal plants, and the dominant component in this composition is tea leaves. During production, they are thoroughly mixed with ginseng root, crushed to powder. Licorice extract is added to this herbal mix in small quantities. Licorice, or rather its root, itself has unique healing properties, and its combination with ginseng greatly enhances the therapeutic effect. In principle, this explains the unique capabilities of ginseng oolong.

The tea composition is so subtle, almost delicately intertwined with the healing properties of many other qualities of the product. For example, the taste of a drink that deserves special attention. Surprisingly, the combination of traditional tea varieties and green elements of oolong allow brewing the drink several times. And each subsequent brewing opens up new taste sides of a golden-greenish infusion.A real tea bouquet can be felt only after the third brewing. Drunk drink for a long time leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

Useful qualities

Ginseng oolong, if it is properly brewed, is very useful for the body. Especially pronounced properties endowed with green tea of ​​this variety. Its positive impact is manifested in the following:

  1. Ensures normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Improves the tone of the vascular walls.
  3. Stimulates brain activity.
  4. Positive effect on the contractility of the heart muscle, which leads to the normalization of rhythm.
  5. Increases pressure in hypotension.
  6. It reduces the level of sugar, so the drink is recommended to use as a prophylactic agent for the prevention of diabetes.
  7. Regulates many metabolic processes, contributing to the natural cleansing of the body.
  8. It has a pronounced effect on the protective functions of the body, thereby strengthening the immune system.
  9. It has a positive effect on the emotional background: it gives vitality and improves mood.
  10. Relieves headache.
  11. Excellent thirst quencher.
  12. A positive effect on sexual activity.
  13. The drink is moderately capable of lowering the temperature.

Folk healers recommend using oolong ginseng for the prevention of cancer. It is proved that fans of the green drink have excellent physical shape. After all, with the systematic use of tea, metabolism is getting better, and fats are quickly split. As a result of all these processes, the tissues of the body are cleaned and rejuvenated in a natural way.

Good to know! To achieve the desired effect is possible only with the regular use of the drink. But the wonderful abilities of ginseng oolong do not raise doubts. You can verify this, if you pay attention to the longevity of the Chinese, who constantly drink this drink.

What are the contraindications

Of course, such a bright ability of tea with ginseng deserve respect. But at the same time, the powerful strength of the drink in some situations may be unsafe for human health. In order not to cause damage to health, this tea should not be drunk:

 Contraindications ginseng oolong

  • women in the period of carrying a child;
  • lactating mothers;
  • people taking antidepressants;
  • children under the age of 12;
  • patients who regularly take blood thinners and ginseng-based drugs.

Note. If you want to try the healing tea, you need to be very careful when choosing a product. It is recommended to purchase oolong ginseng in specialized stores that can guarantee the quality of the product.

The secret to making healing tea

In order for the drink to really bring maximum benefit and delight in its first-class taste, tea must be brewed correctly. To master this art is easy. It’s enough to remember a few tips:

  1. Tea is best brewed in porcelain or glassware. Ideal - clay capacity.
  2. In order for the aroma to be fully revealed, you need to first pour the dishes with boiling water so that it is warm.
  3. It is important to follow the dosage when brewing. The optimal portion - 2-3 teaspoons per cup. This dose should not be increased, because when brewing, the tea leaves are straightened, so their volume increases.
  4. It is necessary to strictly maintain the temperature parameters.Water when brewing should be no higher than 90 degrees. At higher temperatures, the product will lose its beneficial properties, and its taste will not be so bright.
  5. At the first brewing, according to tradition, the tea blend should be washed. This will clean the tea sheets from dust and debris.
  6. After performing all the above manipulations, you can start drinking tea.

How to drink tea

As noted earlier, ginseng oolong is brewed many times. Some connoisseurs of this drink recommend doing it up to eight times. Only then will it be possible to feel the full bouquet of flavoring notes and shades. But first, so that the drink does not turn out with a bitter aftertaste, it is necessary to insist tea for 20 seconds. In the future, each time the exposure time increases to 40 seconds.

If the drink after the next brew is not completely drunk, you can pour it into another vessel. After each cycle unused liquid is discharged, it is possible to obtain an additional volume of healthy drink, which will have a single degree of concentration.

It is recommended to drink oolong ginseng in the morning, but only after meals.If you drink tea on an empty stomach, the effect of tea intoxication may appear. This condition is characterized by the following symptoms: dizziness, weakness. You can eliminate the unpleasant consequences of improper tea drinking, if you drink milk, or eat some dried fruit.

Ginseng oolong won popularity not by chance, because its useful qualities can not be overestimated. But in an effort to get the maximum result in efficiency, we must not forget about the sense of proportion. After all, the uncontrolled use of such powerful drinks can greatly harm health.

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