How to sleep during pregnancy

Sleep is the most important part of the life of any person, especially a pregnant woman. During the period when the baby is born, the woman's body is completely rebuilt and faces new and unusual problems. We will understand in order that interferes with the normal sleep of a pregnant woman and how to get rid of each of the problems.

 How to sleep during pregnancy

What prevents a pregnant woman from sleeping

There are several factors that disrupt the normal and healthy sleep of a pregnant woman.

Mechanical causes
From the first months of pregnancy, a woman's chest is poured, which makes sleep on the abdomen painful and uncomfortable. And already from the fourth or fifth month, the abdomen begins to actively grow, which completely excludes the possibility of sleeping on the stomach.

It is also uncomfortable and painful to sleep on your back, because the weight of the baby puts pressure on the vena cava, which is simply pressed.This deprives the child of food. But nature has thought over everything in advance — a woman cannot even lie on her back for a long time, she immediately turns over. In such cases, you just need to find a comfortable position for sleeping on your side.

Emotional causes
Hormones play a cruel joke with a pregnant woman. During the gestation period, she is anxious and worried about the upcoming birth, the health of the baby, as well as the relationship with her husband. Many pregnant women are prone to stress and psychosis. They begin to be jealous of their spouse, it seems to them that they have ceased to be attractive.

All these experiences do not stop at night. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a woman to calm down and fall asleep in a peaceful sleep. The situation is aggravated by the fact that sedatives and sleeping pills are contraindicated in women - they can be harmful to the fetus. If you are not worried, you need to take a short walk in the fresh air before going to bed, do not gorge on the night, drink a glass of hot milk with honey, take a warm shower.

Many pregnant toxicosis attends in the morning. However, there are a sufficient number of women who suffer from nausea in the evening when they need to go to bed.Toxicosis is a natural phenomenon and is not a symptom, therefore it is pointless to fight it. Modern medicine has not yet invented a cure for toxicosis. Therefore, it is necessary to fight it with improvised means.

Ventilate the room before bedtime, because pregnant women constantly lack oxygen. Drink warm tea with honey, lemon and ginger. In no case can not stay hungry - hunger provokes nausea even more. Crackers, pickled seeds and sour candies save them from toxicosis.

The fruit grows in the body of a woman and takes a lot of calcium from her. From a lack of calcium, a woman begins to experience cramps, numbness and tingling in the limbs. In this case, you need to eat more foods containing calcium. Cottage cheese, milk, kefir should be integral components of your diet.

Physiological causes
The life of a pregnant woman is not sugar, everyone who has passed this difficult path is aware of this. In addition to the inconvenience during sleep (in the form of a large belly), a woman may experience a lot of additional problems. Heartburn, frequent urination, rapid heartbeat and breathing, feeling of stuffiness in the room - all this does not allow a woman to fall asleep.

To cope with these problems is quite difficult, you just need to go through this difficult period. If you suffer from severe heartburn, talk to your doctor - there are heartburn medications that can be taken by pregnant women. At night you should not drink a lot of liquid, although it will not save you completely from going to the lavatory. Provide in the bedroom a cool temperature of 23-24 degrees, which promotes healthy sleep.

Pose for sleeping pregnant woman

In the first trimester, a woman can still sleep the way she wants and how she used to. But, being pregnant, she should have to adapt and learn to sleep on her side. When the stomach becomes large, already after 25 weeks a pregnant woman will not be able to sleep not only on her stomach, but also on her back. It remains to sleep only on the left and right side. Sleep on the left side is preferable, because when a woman sleeps on the right side, she squeezes the already compressed liver. When a woman sleeps on the left side, the blood supply is normal, that is, no one suffers - neither the mother nor the baby.

Pillows for pregnant women

Each time it is quite difficult to sleep only on the side for a long time, so you need to try to diversify the possible postures for sleeping as much as possible.And for this you need to have on hand soft pillows that will help you. Take a few rectangular soft pillows and lie on your side. One lay along the back, the second under the head, and the third between the knees. Sit back slightly and you will feel relieved. On the one hand, you are not lying on your side, but on the other hand you are not completely on your back. Instead of pillows under the lower back, you can also put a small roller, rolled up from diapers or towels. The main thing that you feel comfortable!

 Pillows for pregnant women

In order not to suffer with a large number of pillows and rollers, you can buy a special pillow for pregnant women. It can be purchased at the shop of pillows and bed linen, as well as in the online store. Such pillows are quite common, so there should be no problems with their search. There are several types of pillows for pregnant women.

  1. L-shaped pillow. It can be used in the case of a narrow bed. The head rests on the short side of the pillow.
  2. Horseshoe pillow - the most popular and in demand. One short side of the pillow is placed under the head, and the second between the knees. Such pillows can be used both before birth and after - as a playpen for a baby.
  3. Pillow with a hole.These pillows are designed for those who have not reconciled with the need to give up sleep on the stomach. They are a fairly rigid base so as not to fall, in the middle of which there is a hole for the abdomen. That is, you sleep on your chest and do not harm the baby at all.

Most pillows are a versatile accessory for a young mother. They can be used during childbirth to relieve pain, as well as after the birth of a baby - as a convenient pillow for feeding. In addition, it is very convenient to sit on such a pillow after a Cesarean section - so as not to disturb the seams.

A few tips for a restful sleep pregnant woman

Insomnia of pregnant women cannot be treated, because any drugs can be dangerous for the fetus. Here are some effective tips to help you calm down and sleep all night.

  1. Once drugs can not be treated, we will use folk remedies and recipes. Prepare herbal tea with chamomile, valerian and motherwort before bedtime. These herbs have mild sedative properties.
  2. You do not need to fill up for the night, however, and you should not sit hungry - this is not the most successful period for losing weight. It is better to take care that the dinner was light, but nutritious. Eat protein foods before bedtime - meat, fish, cottage cheese. Lack of glucose can also cause insomnia and anxiety. Drink a cup of sweet tea or eat sweet fruit to sleep well all night. Very good women are soothed by melon - there are a lot of vitamins and glucose in it.
  3. Try to avoid nervous shocks, stresses and worries. Understand that now nothing can be more important for you than your baby.
  4. Do not engage in active emotional activities before bedtime. You should not watch sentimental melodrama or nervously rooting for your favorite sports team. But light exercise for pregnant women or a walk in the fresh air will be the way.
  5. If you can not sleep at night, perhaps you should reduce the time of daytime sleep or completely abandon it?
  6. To ensure a comfortable sleep environment, in addition to airing the room, pay attention to your pajamas and bedding. The fabric should be soft and natural.Do not overcool your feet - wear socks at night.
  7. Ask your husband or mother to massage your legs, lower back, and back. After all, in the later periods, the spine and legs of a woman suffer from great severity. A light stroking massage will ease the pain and help you fall asleep.

Pregnancy is not only good news, exciting anticipation of the baby and strawberries at one in the morning. This is a difficult period in which the woman's body is at the peak of its capabilities. And only in your power to alleviate the temporary difficulties faced by a pregnant woman. And ensuring a healthy and full sleep - one of the main tasks.

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