Brightening hair masks at home

In the modern world, girls increasingly want to lighten their hair. Many ladies do not pay enough attention to the preparatory part concerning the change in the tone of hair. Some mistakenly ruin curls with paints and styling products, after which bleaching becomes impossible. To carry out the procedure correctly, you must follow the tips.

 Brightening hair masks

Preparatory activities

You need to adhere to practical recommendations, so you can protect the pile from the negative effects.

  1. It is forbidden to lighten hair if they already have an unhealthy structure.To restore and soften the strands do wellness treatments. Pick the right type of hair cleansers and balms. Make a set of nourishing masks, then proceed to the manipulation of the clarification.
  2. If you have dark hair color, it is important to understand that homemade brightening masks based on natural ingredients will not make you a natural blonde. Curls only brightened by 1-2 tones. For the best result it is worth resorting to chemical means.
  3. You can experiment on a small strand of hair, which is easy to hide under the general head of hair. So you make up an idea how much hair color will change.
  4. To achieve the maximum result, the components of the mask should be mixed using a blender, the composition will acquire a uniform mush. The finished product is applied to almost the entire length of the hair. At the same time, move away from the roots about two fingers.
  5. Apply a brightening mask to clean damp hair. To secure the result, a special polyethylene cap should be put on the head, over which a terry towel is wound.
  6. To achieve a good result from the lighting procedure, the mask should be kept for at least 45 minutes. Basically, the product is rinsed off with slightly warm water without washing shampoo.
  7. In order to keep the hair silky and soft, after the manipulations, the shovel must be moistened with a nourishing balm. The composition will help protect curls from the reaction components. Consider abusing these masks is not worth it. Having achieved the desired shade, find more benign components to maintain the result.

Honey and Cinnamon

  1. The mask has proven itself due to the sparing property and moisture. The visible result is achieved through several procedures.
  2. Wash 1 lemon, chop it in half, squeeze the maximum amount of juice out of it. Mix in one bowl with 65 ml. slightly warmed honey, 25 gr. olive oil and 75 gr. ground cinnamon.
  3. Stir the ingredients until a homogeneous slurry in any way possible, divide the hair into strands, apply the mask in an even layer.
  4. Wrap your head with cling film, secure with a handkerchief. Wait for 1.5-2 hours, wash off the composition with non-hot water using an air conditioner.

Rhubarb and Cognac

  1. Pour in 500 ml.boiling water in a heat-resistant bowl, add 50 gr. inflorescences of chamomile. Wait for brewing, then pour 140 ml. lemon juice.
  2. In a separate container, connect 200 ml. decoction of rhubarb, 15 ml. 6% vinegar, 50 gr. liquid honey and 65 ml. skate. Mix in the general container two structures, bring the mixture to homogeneity.
  3. Apply the mask on the shock, while avoiding getting the mixture on the hair roots. Wrap hair with polyethylene, then with a towel. Wait 50 minutes, flush.

Citrus and Balsam

  1. Depending on the original hair color, they can be lightened by no more than 2 colors with the help of this mask. To prepare it, mix 30 ml. natural citrus juice and 110 ml. balm for hair.
  2. Beat the ingredients with a blender or mixer. Leave the mass to infuse for 20 minutes. Next, apply a mask before bedtime, wrap your head as described above. Upon awakening, rinse off with warm water.

Live beer

  1. The mask is made on the basis of one component. Purchase 500 ml. live wheat beer, soak their hair.
  2. Shake the curls with cellophane and a handkerchief, wait 2 hours. Rinse with shampoo.

Vodka and kefir

  1. The mask on the basis of such components helps to lighten the curls, as well as prevent dryness and hair loss. Mix 1 chicken egg in a bowl, 15 ml. shampoo, 60 ml.kefir 2.5% fat, 35 ml. citrus juice, 35 ml. vodka.
  2. Whisk all the ingredients with a mixer. Apply the compound from root to tip. Wrap a pile of film. Wait 35—45 minutes. Remove the mask with warm water and shampoo and conditioner.

Lard and natural oil

  1. Connect 250 ml. natural shea butter and 35 grams. melted pork fat. Heat the mixture in a saucepan, stir well.
  2. Saturate the shovel with the finished compound. Build a cap on the head of polyethylene and a scarf. Wait 1.5 hours. To remove the mask will require a detergent with deep cleansing.

Stupid honey

  1. This mask allows you to fully saturate the hair with vitamins, and also thoroughly moisturize them. Build a water bath, melt 100 grams on it. flower honey.
  2. Divide the pile into strands, apply the agent along the entire length. Put on a plastic cap, warm your hair with a handkerchief. Wait 2 hours, wash off the mask with balsam.

Rhubarb and glycerin

  1. Finely chop 140 grams. dried rhubarb root, fill it with 270 ml. boiling water, add 65 ml. glycerol. Wait 30 minutes, for the allotted time the composition will infuse.
  2. Strain the decoction with a gauze cloth, then thoroughly soak the hair with the mixture. Insulate your head, wait for 1.5 hours. Remove the mask with non-hot water with balm.

Salt and soda

  1. The mask based on the above ingredients is more aggressive in comparison with the others. For its preparation mix 140 gr. baking soda, 80 ml. purified water and 25 grams. rock salt.
  2. Bring the composition to a homogeneous slurry, apply on the shovel, not reaching the roots. Hold the mask for 45 minutes.
  3. Rinse the head for about 10-12 minutes with running hot water. The mask can destroy the chemical pigment previously applied paint.

Onions and Apple Vinegar

  1. The mask is more suitable girl with blond hair, besides the components actively stimulate the growth of hair. Place 45 ml in the blender bowl. lemon juice, 12 ml. apple cider vinegar, 40 ml. onion juice, 55 ml. liquid honey and 3 ml. ester rosewood.
  2. Carefully recycle the components with a household appliance until a homogeneous mixture, apply the composition to the strands of hair. Wrap your head with a cellophane cap. Wait 45 minutes, remove the mask with non-hot running water with a balm.

Lavender and Saffron

  1. Place 7 gr. saffron and 25 gr. chamomile inflorescence, pour 200 ml. boiling water, wait 20 minutes. After a specified time, add to the composition of 35 grams. citrus juice, 4 ml. ether lavender.
  2. Strain the composition in a convenient way, apply a mask from root to tip. Wait half an hour, your head should be under a warming cap. Rinse the mixture with warm running water without using any detergent.

Chamomile and glycerin inflorescence

  1. The mask helps to lighten the hair and give it a golden hue. Pour 150 ml. boiling water 55 gr. dry chamomile. Leave the composition for a third of an hour.
  2. After the time, pour the broth through the gauze, add 70 ml. glycerin, mix thoroughly. Apply the mask to dry hair, put on a protective cap. Wait 1 hour, rinse without shampoo.

Egg and banana

  1. Crush in any convenient way the pulp of 1 banana, add a chicken egg. Stir the ingredients until smooth.
  2. Apply remedy from root to finish. Wrap your head in the usual way, wait 2.5 hours. Remove the mask with non-hot water with balm.

Chamomile, honey and citrus

  1. Thanks to the components present in this mask, you protect your hair from falling out, while visibly lightening them.
  2. Brew in a french press 30 gr. Chamomile flowers, wait 25 minutes, then pour the broth into a separate container. Mix 85 g with liquid.stout honey and 35 ml. grapefruit juice.
  3. Mix thoroughly, moisten with curls. Wrap them in plastic, fasten a warm scarf over them. Wait 45-60 minutes, rinse without shampoo and balm.

Vodka, honey and vinegar

  1. The mask is able to lighten the dark strands. To do this, cook broths from 40 gr. rhubarb root and 50 gr. inflorescences of chamomile. Each component pour 80 ml. boiling water, leave for 20 minutes.
  2. Strain herbal broths, mix in a common container with 50 gr. stingy honey, 10 ml. apple cider vinegar, 45 ml. vodka, 180 ml. freshly squeezed citrus juice. Get from the components of uniformity.
  3. Soak a well over the entire length, wrap hair with polyethylene and a towel. Wait 50 minutes, rinse your head thoroughly with running water without conditioner and detergent shampoo.

Lemon and water

  1. The mask is quite simple to prepare. To create it you need 1 large lemon and filtered water. The composition can lighten hair up to 2 tones.
  2. Squeeze the juice from citrus, add an equal amount of water. Proportions are calculated 1: 1. Soak the hair thoroughly with the composition, put a cellophane cap and a scarf on your head.Wait 1-1.5 hours, rinse with water.

Before you lighten your hair, make sure that they are completely healthy. After obtaining the desired shade of the hair should be carefully looked after. Take the habit of feeding curls directed means. Do not stop rinsing them with therapeutic broths.

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