Hot scissors haircut - the pros and cons

There are a lot of hairdressing tools that are designed specifically for damaged hair. Today we will talk about hot scissors, through which thermal cutting is carried out. Under this tool refers to ordinary scissors, plugged into the outlet. In the process, the blades heat up, and when sheared, they solder the chipped ends. Many girls prefer to cut their hair in such a way as to preserve the vibrant shine and health of their hair for a long time. Let's look at all the positive and negative characteristics of the procedure.

 Hot scissors cut

Difference of hot scissors from usual

  1. Thermal cutting is done with the help of hot scissors, which were developed specifically for hairdressers. The design of the tool is not much different from the structure of ordinary scissors.The only difference is in the presence of a heating element and a wire that allows you to connect to the outlet.
  2. The wizard independently sets the temperature mode with which he is comfortable working. Also, the stylist sets the duration of heating, during this time the temperature will not fall below the set point.
  3. As for the degree of heating, everything is individual and depends only on the state of the client's hair. Dark-haired young ladies will need a higher temperature than owners of blond hair.

Hot Haircut Shears

You can select options for haircuts, which are divided into classifications by cutting the length of hair.

  1. For those who grow their hair, there is no need to spray them with water from a spray bottle during the procedure. The wizard removes the tips on dry hair without shortening the strands.
  2. If a person came to the hairdresser with a specific goal - to make a completely new haircut, then all manipulations are carried out on pre-moistened hair. The final effect will be perfect.
  3. There are also so-called combined haircuts, which involve not only hot, but also ordinary scissors.In some places (tips) the master uses a heating tool, but in all other zones (length) she wields simple scissors. Thus, the section and porosity is prevented.

Thermostatic technology

  1. This procedure is more lengthy than usual haircuts with regular scissors. If the specialist realized his plans in less than 1 hour, he violated the technology in any case. Haircut hot scissors can not last less than 60 minutes. Usually the process takes 1.5-3 hours, depending on the length of the hair and its condition.
  2. You should not mistakenly believe that absolutely every hairdresser working with ordinary scissors can cope with a heating device. To this end, the masters undergo advanced training, so the certificate must be in his possession. Before you go to the procedure, read the reviews.
  3. The procedure itself is simple. The barber twists each strand individually into a cord, then heats the instrument up to 150-190 degrees and proceeds with a haircut. Along the flagellum, the ends of the hair will stick out in different directions, and the specialist cuts their ends.
  4. Do not worry that during the procedure you will burn the device.The heating blades are strictly insulated. You do not need to agree to the proposal of the master to cut off the chipped ends with ordinary scissors after processing them with a hot tool. This will not benefit.

The pros and cons of thermo shearing

One should not overlook the fact that, like any cosmetic procedure, thermo-cut has its pros and cons. Therefore, before going to a beauty salon you should familiarize yourself with all the positive and negative features.

 The pros and cons of thermo shearing


  1. If you systematically resort to using this procedure, the curls will become thicker. A similar effect is achieved due to the improved structure of the hair. Also, the hair is subjected to less hair loss. For the fair sex is a significant factor.
  2. In addition, shearing allows you to completely restore the curls after harmful procedures. Among them should be distinguished perm, frequent staining and the use of thermal devices.
  3. In addition, among the advantages should be separately highlighted the fact that after cutting the tip of the hair is sealed. Such a stroke prevents further strand cross-section.Hair becomes less susceptible to adverse environmental effects.


  1. Unfortunately, the procedure has its negative sides. Separately, it is worth highlighting the high cost of thermal cutting. This procedure is different from the standard. Also, the master can not give you accurate guarantees to improve the condition of the hair.
  2. The procedure takes a significant amount of time. During heat cutting, each strand is processed separately. Therefore, when going to a specialist should be patient.
  3. After a successful procedure, it is imperative to minimize the risks of traumatic factors. Otherwise, the effect of thermo shearing will not last long. Also after the procedure, it seems that the density of the hair is significantly reduced.
  4. Opinions of experts about the procedure differ. On the one hand, soldering the tips protects the hair from the negative effects of the environment. On the other hand, harmful substances that are released from the hair, simply can not get out. However, such arguments are not confirmed.

It should be understood that even if you have a professional tool at home,carrying out the procedure yourself is strictly prohibited. The specialist must determine the individual temperature for your hair based on their characteristics. To carry out a hairstyle in this way should be about 1 time per month. Before you go to a beauty salon, learn all the pros and cons of the procedure.

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