How to remove the folds under the arms: useful tips

Many women suffer from perfectionism and try to look perfect in everything. After all, it is very important for us that every inch of the body looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. However, it is not always possible. Sometimes such a trifle, as folds under the arms, can spoil the lady mood. In order to shine in revealing outfits in summertime, you need to take care of the appearance of your armpits in advance.

 How to remove the folds under the arms

Reasons for the formation of folds in the armpits

Armpits look unattractive when loose skin forms ugly folds. But why is this happening?

  1. Folds in the axillary region are most often formed due to excess weight. Accumulated fat is distributed throughout the body evenly. Including the armpits. To get rid of this kind of problem, you need to bring the figure back to normal.
  2. The skin sags due to the decrepitude of the muscles.If you lead a passive lifestyle, if there is no room for physical activity in your day regimen, this should not be surprising. No need to hide your hands under the clothing of free fit. It is enough to tighten the muscles and shine in open T-shirts.
  3. Sometimes the folds under the armpits look too obvious due to incorrect posture. If you constantly hump, physiology is simply not able to hide this defect. Look at the problem with your head held high so that it dissolves.
  4. If you have a large saggy chest, this can also cause armpit folds. In this case, you need to regularly do exercises for the pectoral muscles - this will not only relieve wrinkles, but also tighten the mammary glands.
  5. Even small folds can seem huge, if you choose the wrong clothes. Overly tight and coarse sweaters squeeze out fat and increase the size of the fold several times.
  6. Anyway, in addition to the main causes of the appearance of folds, there is a genetic predisposition to such a defect. If your mother has pronounced folds in the armpits, be ready at any time to start a war with sagging skin.

Exercises against the folds of the armpits

Strengthening the muscles in the armpits will not be difficult. It is necessary to perform several exercises regularly.

 Exercises against the folds of the armpits

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt the body so that the back is parallel to the floor. Slowly lower and raise your hands so that they are perpendicular to the body and parallel to the floor. If the exercise is easy for you, pick up small dumbbells. Instead of dumbbells, you can use plastic bottles with water. Perform 15–20 lifts of arms in several approaches.
  2. You can slightly modify this exercise. Lie on your back and spread your arms to the side. Legs bent at the knees. Take dumbbells and raise your arms right in front of your chest in a straight state. We need to make three sets of 15-20 climbs.
  3. Simple pushups perfectly strengthen the pectoral muscles. Do as many pushups as you can. In this case, do not bulge the ass and keep a straight body position. If push-ups are hard for you, it is better to do it from a low bench. For women, there is also a lightweight version of push-ups - from the knees.
  4. The following exercise is called Prayer. Somkite palms in front of you and push hard on one another.Then slowly move your closed palms to one and second armpits. And do not forget to squeeze them. Exercise should be done slowly, measured. When you exercise, you should feel the tension of the pectoral and axillary muscles.
  5. Strengthen the muscles by using conventional pull-ups. Pull up alternately so that your fingers look at you and away from you. Do at least 5-6 approaches.

To achieve a visible result, you need to do every day. Better yet, do these simple exercises in the morning and evening. Get rid of the folds under the arms, reduce weight and tighten muscles will help any sport. But it is best to ride a bike, go swimming (especially effective krol and bras), aerobics. A little desire, active efforts and after a couple of weeks you will see the result of your labors.

How to remove the folds under the arms

To strengthen the muscles under the arms, you need to dance! All groups of muscles are involved in dance, including the pectoral ones. The most effective movement is shaking shoulders, as in gypsy dance. 10 minutes of such "shaking" a day will be enough.

 We remove the folds under the arms

Do not cease to monitor the condition of your posture.Walk and sit up straight, it also trains your muscles. Throw out of the wardrobe all tight-fitting and undershirts that make your armpits "bulge".

Sometimes the armpit area can be swollen and swollen due to a malfunction of the sweat glands. Incorrectly chosen deodorant clogs the sweat glands, causing the armpits to become swollen. Choosing an antiperspirant, pay attention to its composition. It should not have zinc - it is bad for sensitive skin. Give your armpits a breather and at least sometimes do not use deodorant. You can do without it at the weekend when you are at home. In the evenings, thoroughly wash off the remnants of deodorant so that the skin of the armpits breathes at night.

To reduce swelling in the armpits, eat less foods that contain a lot of salt, especially at bedtime. Coffee, nicotine and alcohol also retain fluid in the body. Drink decoctions of plants such as chamomile, corn silk, birch buds, mint, dandelion - they have a diuretic effect.

Do not forget about water balance. A sufficient amount of water is especially necessary for us during weight loss.Water removes the decay products of fat from the body and the process of losing weight moves much faster.

A beautiful figure without flaws is not a natural given. It is the result of daily work, perseverance and hard work. Only your diligence can save you from the hated folds under your arms. Be gorgeous and enjoy your reflection in the mirror - it's so important!

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