Blown neck: what to do at home?

Common situation? Office workers sitting under the air conditioner all the time feel the breeze. Or in a minibus, for example, someone stubbornly opens the window, and the draft does its insidious business.

 Blew neck

In the evening came home, went to bed. To get up in the morning, and the neck does not turn from pain. Muscles are swollen, tea or coffee can not be drunk, because it hurts too. What to do if you blow your neck?

It is not easy to get rid of such trouble. But at the initial stage of inflammation of the neck muscles, there is no need to jump headlong into the clinic. Traditional medicine has long invented ways to alleviate the condition. But this is not a single point matter. Only an integrated approach and strict adherence to the recommendations will quickly return to normal.

And further. Do not allow the process of recovery to drift, they say, will take place somehow. Can not pass, and go into a purulent form with fever. There are already folk remedies will not help, have to contact the surgeon.

Warm and calm

The very first thing to do if you blew through the neck is to provide warmth and peace for her. We'll have to sit at home for a few days so as not to aggravate the situation. It is advisable all this time not to engage in stressful home desires, but to lie quietly. This will allow the sore neck muscles not to strain.

By the way, you need to lie on a comfortable pillow. You know, there are such special, anatomical? They perfectly follow the contour of the neck. But, there is absolutely no need to buy such a pillow separately for a speedy recovery. It is enough to roll up the dense roller from a thin rug or a thick towel, and place it under the neck. This design is very convenient.

Now about the heat. No doubt, you can hide a blanket. But how do you expect to do this in the summer heat? And then, steamed, you will come out of the bed and under the fan ... Is this a treatment? This is a new impetus to the development of the disease.

You only need to wrap the neck. Than?

  • scarf
  • handkerchief
  • towel
  • dickey
  • thick natural fabric
  • woolen muffler

We will not list all that came up with a fashion for warming the neck. The basic principle is clear to you.By the way, for the best effect you can use any warming ointment. Their industry now offers a great many, for every taste and wallet. And for the purchase of a recipe is not needed.

Just do not try to smear your neck with kerosene for heat, as some sources advise! Careless use can cause a chemical burn on the skin. You will then also treat it.

Folk remedies

But, as you yourself perfectly understand, it is not enough just warmth and peace. If you blew through the neck, then the muscles are inflamed. There may be swelling, thickening, sometimes located nearby lymph nodes. And with this we need to do something, otherwise recovery instead of 3-4 days will take 2 weeks. An unpleasant prospect - to pass all the time with pain in the neck.

Traditional medicine offers several recipes for ointments and liquids for compresses. We list the most common and effective ones.

 Neck compresses
Alcohol. No, use inside is useless. We need to warm the neck muscles outside. To do this, make the simplest compress:

  • A piece of folded gauze or bandage moistened with vodka (alcohol).
  • Apply to the neck where there is the greatest pain.
  • Top cover with dense polyethylene or a piece of cling film.
  • Then the whole structure is wrapped warmly, for example, with a shawl.

Keep such a compress you need at least 2 hours. This is necessary in order to start the heat affected. Take your time, 15 minutes with a compress will not solve anything.

Burdock In winter, fresh leaves are not found, but in summer they grow everywhere. Just the time to blown through necks and unexpected drafts. Making a compress is very simple:

  • Rip off the leaves of a burdock medium size, 5 pieces.
  • Thoroughly wash them in running water from dust.
  • Each individually bathed in boiling water.
  • They put everything in a pile, pressed to the aching neck.
  • Top polyethylene and a scarf.

It seems to be all elementary, and this procedure helps very well. Already after 3 applications, pain subsides and mobility returns. By the way, you need to keep such a compress for at least 3 hours.

Cabbage. Everything is simple here. The effect is stunning, and the components will be found at home for each person:

  1. Take the usual leaf of fresh cabbage. New-fashioned Beijing will not work.
  2. Lightly hammered thick veins. Do not grind them, only achieve softness.
  3. The inner side is abundantly rubbed with the simplest laundry soap. Such a gray, ugly.
  4. Now the soaped side is applied to the sore spot.
  5. Put on top of polyethylene or cling film.
  6. Wrap a warm scarf. You can wear a shirt shirt if it is not tight.

In general, the warming of any compress means only wrapping, and not stretching. It is better to wind 3 loose layers of shawls than 1 tight turn. The muscles of the aching neck should be loose.

Council Compresses are best set at night. It is more convenient than fixing the bandage all day, and there will be enough time for the effect of the heating components.

General rules for all lotions, if you blow your neck:

  • soak the fabric with healing liquid
  • attach to the sore spot
  • cover the top with a film or package that the moisture evaporated more slowly
  • warmly wrap, to open the pores of the skin, and the treatment is fully

But the composition of the infusions for lotions can be completely different. Do not worry, everything that will be listed below has been tested by more than one generation. By the way, a big disadvantage of such infusions is that it takes from 5 to 14 days to prepare.Therefore, if you know behind your neck such an insidious feature - to react with pain to the slightest draft, then take care that the prepared liquid is ready. All of them are beautifully stored on the shelf of the refrigerator, and alcohol - and they can live for a long time in a medicine cabinet.

Lilac. 100 g of flowers of a usual white lilac need to be filled in with 400 ml of pure alcohol (medical). Leave in a warm dark place for 10 days. Used as a lotion or rubbing at least 5 times a day. Store in a cool place without access to sunlight. It is recommended not to filter the liquid, because over time it only becomes healthier.

Bow. A couple of large onions are ground in a meat grinder along with the peel. Extreme can try to use the grater. Now you need to add 400 ml of good vodka, mix thoroughly. Insist in warm and dark for at least 5 days.

Then the mixture is filtered. Rub the sore spot 3 times a day for at least 7 days in a row. Naturally, the smell will be appropriate, but you are at home, right? In the warmth and peace?

There are other types of infusions. Cook them very quickly. But such funds are intended for oral administration.They have anti-inflammatory, sedative and weak analgesic effect.

Cucumber herb. A tablespoon of chopped fresh leaves pour 250 ml of boiling clean water. Wrap up, let it brew for 4 hours. After strain.

Take 1 tablespoon of liquid 6 times a day.

Here are some recipes for the preparation of therapeutic ointments yourself. A little patience - and here is a miracle cure in your hands. The principle of application is approximately the same for all variants. Light massaging movements rub the product into the skin on the neck. Do not press hard and do not until completely absorbed! Then closed with a thin film, wrapped with a warm cloth.

 Blown Ointment

Chamomile. Her dry inflorescences are ground in a mortar to powder, take 1 part. Good butter is brought to room temperature, take 4 parts. The components are thoroughly mixed and left to rest for 30 minutes.

Rubbed into the affected area every 6 hours, at least 5 days in a row. For a long time to keep such a tool can not, even in the refrigerator, it deteriorates very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to cook it in small portions.

Horsetail Common field.In dry form, it takes 20 g, then triturated to a powder. Still need 80 g of fresh interior fat. It is desirable to grind it, so it will be easier to make a mixture. The components are thoroughly kneaded until smooth. You can even grind them with a wooden spoon.

The tool is stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Applied on the neck with a thin layer, gently rubbing movements 3 times a day. The course of treatment is not limited, it is carried out until complete recovery. By the way, the tool is recommended to warm slightly in the palms before use. The fact is that fat is very difficult to spread.

Secret. If you do not have the opportunity to pick the right herbs for ointments in the forest or park, then buy dry raw materials at the pharmacy. Now there you can buy the most unusual plants for your area. And the prices do not bite.

Bad advice

Ice. Many sources recommend that you periodically wipe the neck with pieces of ice, and even advise you to apply cold. But this is not a stretch to freeze it. Warm and only warm!

Compresses with garlic, horseradish, mustard, turpentine, kerosene. Yes, and advised to keep such a mockery up to 12 hours! Fiends what. Everyone's skin is different in sensitivity. Burn it with such treatment - just spit. And then they also advise you to smear the burned place with a fat cream. Yes, so the burn will quickly turn into a weeping wound. Do not even think so treated.

Intensive gymnastics. And how do they imagine it? It hurts a person to even turn his head, and advisers require him to tilt it, shake from side to side, and perform other active movements. Well, yes, and then save from the painful shock.

No doubt, gentle gentle massage and light gymnastics actively help the inflamed neck muscles to recover. But these actions should not be at the limit of human capabilities or on the verge of fainting. Careful strokes with weak pressure are all that can be done now.

Compress from strongly salty fabric. It is recommended to boil a strong saline solution, wet a shred of cotton cloth in it and apply to the skin for several hours. Allegedly, "this" perfectly warms the sore muscles. We do not know about the warmth, but the skin burn will be gorgeous. Salt it perfectly eats away.

Do not engage in this nonsense.If you want to bask in salt, then heat it up in a dry frying pan. Then put in a linen bag or carefully wrap in a piece of cloth. Now this design can be used as a warming compress, and even then, if the skin suffers. After all, you need warmth, not burning.

What to do if you blow your neck? At the first symptoms, be sure to measure body temperature. If the thermometer reads above 38 ° С, contact the specialists. If the thermometer shows about 37 ° C, then it is quite possible to do with the tips written above.

Treat your health carefully. Do not sit under the air conditioner even in the most intense heat and be careful of drafts. Do not be ill!

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