Black cumin - the benefits and harm to health

The valuable qualities of black cumin are known since ancient times. Another prophet Muhammad mentioned the benefits of grains, arguing that they are not able to cure only death. This statement is still heard today, because, in fact, caraway seeds boast impressive properties. Not to be unfounded, let's consider the beneficial and harmful qualities of a medicinal plant.

 The benefits and harms of black cumin

The composition, use and characteristics of black cumin

Cumin belongs to the buttercup family. Sunflower seeds are crescent-shaped, black color, flat structure. For many centuries, caraway seeds grew preferably in India, the countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. He later migrated to us, it is cultivated and later used as a seasoning.

By taste, cumin is something between a walnut and black pepper. Not everyone likes this combination, but there are also avid lovers. In addition to the use in culinary purposes on the basis of cumin oil make various means for skin and hair care.

Cumin is also called the Roman coriander, Kalindzha, seed chernushka. The plant contains more than a hundred different minerals, vitamins, acids, etc.

The most valuable are acids, their many. It is worth highlighting the following: stearic, palmitic, myristic, palmitoleic, linolenic, linoleic, oleic, arachidonic.

So, stearic acid is used for cosmetic purposes. Palmitic is added to detergents, liquid gels and powders. Myristic is also used in cosmetology.

Palmitoleic is injected into drugs, because it has healing, soothing, toning properties. Linolenic and linoleic acids are needed to support the work of all important organs and body systems.

Oleic acid is responsible for the condition of the skin and hair, and arachidonic acid is needed to consolidate bone tissue and build muscle.

In addition, black cumin accumulates a lot of beta-sitosterol, which cleans the blood channels from the harmful cholesterol plaques.

In the seeds there is protein, without which the human immune system will weaken, the teeth will become loose, and the nails will begin to crumble. Protein is required for bone strength and fracture prevention.

As for vitamins, black cumin boasts a cluster of group B (thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin, pantothenic and folic acid, niacin, and others). All these compounds are necessary for the nervous system, uninterrupted metabolism, good mood.

Their mineral compounds should be allocated the most valuable, such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper, iron. Black cumin has a caloric content in the range of 370 Kcal. on 100 gr., but it is not necessary to take into account these indicators, the spice is not consumed in large volumes.

The benefits of black cumin

 The benefits of black cumin

  1. In case of diabetes of the second type, cumin must be consumed every day. Just a few grams of seeds per day will reduce blood sugar levels, as well as reduce insulin resistance. Against this background, diabetes will flow better.
  2. Categories of persons with autoimmune disorders black cumin is necessary, or rather an extract based on it. The anti-cancer properties of seeds contribute to the suppression of the growth of tumor cells. Cumin blocks the access of blood, so that the tumor begins to dissolve. Especially often cumin is prescribed for cancer of the mammary glands, colon, pancreas.
  3. Seen use of seeds for the brain. Cumin stimulates neurons, so that a person begins to think intensively. It also improves fine motor skills, visual perception, concentration, and other equally important functions.
  4. Black cumin is needed to improve the performance of the respiratory system and in diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. To relieve it, you need to mix hot tea with caraway oil. Per day is allowed to take no more than 1.5 teaspoons of marc.
  5. Due to the accumulation of esters, cumin oil cleans the blood channels from cholesterol, thereby contributing to the excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. Ground or whole seeds can be eaten with varicose veins to reduce blood clots.
  6. Often, black cumin oil is added to the lamp for aromatherapy.It contains a lot of vitamins of group B and bactericidal substances, which not only strengthen the immune system, but also improve the functioning of the human central nervous system.
  7. Black cumin is recommended for use by those who have difficulty with the digestive system. Cumin oil is especially useful, it improves intestinal motility, removes stagnation, increases the digestibility of food.
  8. Often, black cumin is used to lower blood pressure. It also needs to be consumed with frequent migraines and severe headaches, pulsations in the temples. The composition treats eye diseases, fallen vision, liver and kidneys.
  9. In view of the accumulation of specific compounds, it is safe to say that black cumin improves mood. Thiamine, which is contained in the seed, relieves chronic fatigue and apathy, normalizes sleep. In this case, ground seed must be consumed with honey and tea.
  10. Black cumin increases the production of bone marrow, stimulates new growth of immune cells, thereby providing excellent cancer prevention. These same properties protect a person from a heart attack. Black cumin oil 5 drops to be added to tea three times a day.
  11. People with frequent epileptic seizures should know that the anticonvulsant properties of the plant will help you alleviate the course of the disease. With each consumption of oil or seeds, you take a step towards recovery.
  12. Cumin extract is often added to folk remedies for low immunity. Oil can be drunk during the spread of viral epidemics, as well as in the offseason. Black cumin is shown to receive those who often change their place of residence.
  13. Black cumin is an excellent antispasmodic. Girls during menstruation should drink squeeze out of seeds in order to remove abdominal pain and increase hemoglobin. For pregnant women, cumin will help to cope with edema and gagging.
  14. When constipation oil drink on an empty stomach. At the same time, you will increase the absorption of nutrients in the walls of the esophagus. This means that health and the immune system will increase in order.
  15. Not without the use of black cumin oil for cosmetic purposes. It helps to treat alopecia (massive hair loss) in men and women, dandruff, itching, and fatness. The squeeze of seeds improves skin condition, heals acne, whitens age spots.
  16. Female doctors advise new mothers to take cumin oil to increase lactation and improve the quality of breast milk. The bitterness disappears from the child's food, as a result of which the chances of giving up the breast are reduced.

The benefits of cumin for immunity

  1. To strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to consume the seeds in conjunction with honey. For this it is necessary to mix 15 grams in a cup. raw materials and 30 grams. bee product. Take a ready-made composition every evening before the rest, you can combine the procedure with tea drinking.
  2. There is an alternative, equally effective recipe. Skip 500 gr. seed through a coffee grinder. Connect the resulting mass with 250 ml. flower honey. Such a tool is recommended to eat at night and in the morning on an empty stomach. The portion is only 15 grams. for 1 time.
  3. You can resort to another version of the consumption of useful seeds. In the evening before the rest, combine in 150 ml. purified water 15 gr. raw materials and 35 grams. honey Stir the ingredients and drink. The course is 1 month.

Cumin seeds for weight loss

 Cumin seeds for weight loss

  1. The unique qualities of the raw materials allow the use of seeds during weight loss.Active substances have choleretic and diuretic effects. Special enzymes establish exchange processes. The result is faster lipolysis.
  2. In addition, raw materials suppress decomposition products and cleanse the body of harmful substances. To say goodbye to unwanted kilograms, you can prepare an effective decoction. To do this, pour 30 grams. seeds in 500 ml. water.
  3. Wait for boiling, boil components for 3 minutes. After natural cooling, it is recommended to take the broth half an hour before a meal, 100 ml each. Also, seeds can be consumed in its original form. Chew raw materials 2 times a day 25 minutes before meals. Take 0.5 grams each time. seeds.

Cumin application

  1. The scope of raw materials is quite extensive. Of the seeds are often prepared decoctions and infusions. Freshly ground powder from the product is equally in demand. Such a tool can be mixed with additional components and apply at its discretion.
  2. Seeds will perfectly eliminate a number of problems if you just chew them. Also, the raw material is used as a bactericidal agent for external use. Methods of receiving seeds largely depend on the purpose.

Cumin seed flour

  1. Flour from a plant is used to treat various ailments. The tool is well proven in cosmetology and cooking. Systematic reception of raw materials will improve the condition of the skin, nail plate and hair.
  2. Flour can be included in the composition of various dishes. Such raw materials will help to avoid diseases of the cardiovascular system. The product increases the protective functions of the body and efficiently cleanses the blood, contributing to the overall improvement.
  3. Flour retains all the useful qualities that are inherent in raw materials in their original form. Powder plants are often mixed into the baking ingredients. Flour is added to marinades when canning food.
  4. In order to remain beautiful and young as long as possible, it is recommended to systematically apply masks based on cumin flour. In a short time you will find a taut skin with a smooth tone and a uniform structure.

Harm of black cumin

  1. Cumin is categorically contraindicated in acute forms of chronic ailments. Of these, it is particularly worth highlighting ulcers and gastritis with high acidity.
  2. It is forbidden to consume seeds when diagnosing ischemia of the heart and a recent heart attack. This also includes people with worsened thrombosis.
  3. The plant, some doctors forbid to take when carrying a fetus. Cumin helps to improve the tone of the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage.

Seeds of black cumin deserve special attention. The product has a wide range of applications. Do not forget that raw materials can not be a panacea for all diseases and problems. If you decide to get rid of the disease yourself with the help of black cumin, necessarily talk to your doctor.

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