Peculiarities of skin care after peeling

All cosmetic procedures are aimed primarily at improving the condition of the skin of the face. But many of them require appropriate care. We are talking about peeling - a popular, effective and demanding procedure. In general, any beautician usually gives their recommendations on care. But not always it happens. To avoid adverse reactions, consider the basic aspects and the effect of peeling on the skin.

 Peculiarities of skin care after peeling

How peeling affects the skin

There are several types of peeling, this list includes mechanical and chemical procedures. In fact, they equally affect the skin, removing and exfoliating the horny particles.

Compositions when used can be enzymatic, acidic, abrasive. Also, peeling is carried out by means of a laser or ultrasound. As a result, destruction of the upper layer of the epidermis and the penetration of agents into thedeep layers of the dermis. Against this background, the skin is noticeably rejuvenated, the tone and relief is leveled, and the shape of the face is formed.

Due to the fact that the top layer is injured, the integrity of the skin is broken. This gives a signal to start the regeneration. The skin begins to accelerate the production of elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid. All these substances contribute to moisture and nutrition at a mass level.

Due to the renewal of the skin, the face looks fresh, toned and healthy. Former cosmetic defects, unevenness in color and relief disappear. Since the skin is visibly rejuvenated, it needs a gentle and firming effect. It is impossible in the first days after peeling to work on the epidermis with hard drying or peeling agents. This can lead to severe damage and inflammation.

The specialist who performed the procedure provides practical advice on basic care. Most often, such tips include a temporary rejection of sunbathing and visiting a tanning bed, minimizing access to the street in windy and frosty weather, maintaining basic care.Peeling is best done on Friday, so that Saturday and Sunday are held in a relaxed home environment.

Skin care after peeling

Each person has their own peculiarities of the skin, therefore, depending on this aspect, post-peeling care also varies. The duration of the recovery and basic recommendations for maintaining the beauty of the face should be considered in terms of indications for the cosmetic procedure, skin type, applied exfoliation method (chemical or mechanical), the degree of damage and possible adverse reactions. But despite this, professional masters give their recommendations for care, so let's consider them.

What can not be done immediately after the procedure?

  1. On the day of the procedure and the next day after peeling, it is forbidden to wash with a foam or gel, rub your face hard with your hands or act on it in other ways.
  2. Also prohibited the application of serums, creams, masks, lotions (even the most benign).
  3. Absolutely not recommended to go out in the sun, frost, wind.For this period, you need to abandon the sauna, bath, hot shower and bath, solarium, gym and swimming pool.

Permitted manipulations after peeling

On the first day and the next three days, experts recommend restoring the alkaline balance of the skin. To this end, it is necessary in the mornings and evenings to wash water with the addition of a small amount of vinegar.

  1. If you have oily skin, you can use a hypoallergenic foam or gel for cleansing in the morning.
  2. To restore the protective barrier, buy a cream containing panthenol and lubricate their face.
  3. If due to circumstances you need to go out in the sun, apply a lotion with an SPF filter of at least 40 units.
  4. Protect your skin from temperature extremes, frost, wind, environmental pollution and precipitation.

Facial treatment in the first 15 days after peeling

  1. The cosmetologist individually selects creams and serums that will suit you for this period. Treat your face only with their help. The final list of drugs depends on how your skin responded to the procedure. Cosmetics, aimed at leaving after peeling, is responsible for the normalization of lipid and water balance.It blocks inflammation and moisturizes even the lower layers of the dermis.
  2. For 2 weeks it is worth refusing the usual make-up, which clogs the pores. This list includes powder, tonal and BB cream, concealer, concealer, etc. Also, do not wipe your face with oily shine with tonic or use lotions to remove makeup.
  3. Crusts may form on the surface, no need to tear them off yourself. Otherwise it will lead to scarring, scars, enhanced pigmentation. Wait for the moment when the new growths exfoliate naturally.
  4. Absolutely refuse scrubs and other means, including abrasive particles. If the cosmetologist prescribed certain brands of drugs, stick to them, do not replace with analogs. Otherwise it may lead to unpredictable reactions.
  5. It is especially important to watch the derma when you go outside. From now on creams and serums with UV protection, frost, wind should be present in the cosmetic bag. Additionally, you need to pick up accessories, for example, glasses with a wide-brimmed hat, when going out into the sun.
  6. If there is an unexpected reaction to peeling, call the master. He will prescribe antihistamines, which will relieve itching, and also prevent the likelihood of infection under the skin.
  7. It was already mentioned earlier that it is necessary to exclude bathing in chlorinated water without fail. But this prohibition is not final. Within 2 weeks you should not visit salt and fresh water sources, hammams, phyto-barrels, infrared saunas.
  8. As a rule, in 15 days the skin is completely restored after peeling. Sometimes this period is halved, it all depends on the rate of tissue regeneration. Do not deviate from the general rules and have patience.

Special skin care

In addition to the general requirements for post-peeling care, you need to follow some more rules. In part, they relate to standard situations when the face begins to peel off, redden, swell, etc. The skin may react atypically or normally to the effects of mechanical or chemical peeling on it. Observe the epidermis for three days to draw conclusions.

 Special skin care after peeling

This reaction is quite expected.On the contrary, in case of its absence, you should be wary, because, most likely, the peeling will be performed poorly. The skin should peel off, making it clear that it is not configured to interact with various means.

In most cases, peeling occurs on the third day. Immediately appears tightness, excessive dryness. You can eliminate discomfort using products with hyaluronic acid, natural vegetable oils, and grape seed ether.

Such cosmetics will soften the dermis and penetrate into its lower layers, making moisturizing. Peeling disappears in 6-7 days, subject to the use of creams with hyaluronka or oils.

After facial peeling, regardless of the depth of the procedure, there is a hyperemia. If the middle cleaning was done, the redness gradually subsides in about 6 days. If deep peeling was performed, it can take up to 20 days to restore the skin.

To start proper care after such procedures, it is forbidden to resort to means and various factors that provoke blood flow. Therefore, for some period of time you will have to forget about cardio orhard training Avoid stressful situations, do not consume tonic and alcoholic beverages.

It is also recommended to limit the intake of pickled or spicy dishes. If you suffer from hypertension, active biological supplements should be included in the daily menu. Such products must contain polyunsaturated fatty acids. Such substances strengthen blood vessels and eliminate redness.

With puffiness
If you have edema after the procedure, do not be afraid. This reaction of the body is quite normal for owners of thin epidermis. From trouble will help get rid of means of directional action.

Such compositions contribute to the rapid healing of the tissues of the upper layers of the skin. As soon as the swelling appears, it is recommended to put on the face means that have anti-edema effect. In such creams, serums there is a sufficient amount of antioxidants.

With acne
The rash of the inflammatory nature of the skin after the procedure is extremely rare. Similar troubles can occur if you do not follow the rules of post-peeling care or if the composition of exfoliation is poorly selected.

To quickly eliminate the effects after the procedure, it is strongly recommended to use products with drying and anti-inflammatory effects. Such gels and creams must necessarily include zinc in their composition.

With an allergic reaction
Similar problems also occur extremely rarely. An allergic reaction may occur on a specific component of the peeling. If the cosmetologist did not perform a specific test in advance, an allergic reaction often occurs.

As a result, the body will suffer from individual intolerance to a specific component of exfoliation or abrasive material. To cope with the problem, it is recommended to take medication with an antihistamine effect.

In the formation of dark pigment spots
The manifestation of age spots after the procedure is considered an abnormal phenomenon and develops extremely rarely. A similar problem arises only if certain rules of the procedure have not been previously observed. Spots may also appear if the peeling was performed during a period of increased solar activity.

Before the procedure, about 1 week, the skin should be treated daily kojic or glycolic acid. The purification procedure itself is strongly recommended to be carried out at the end of autumn or even during the winter period.

Peeling is quite an effective way to cleanse the skin of the face. If you follow all the rules, you will be satisfied with the final result. Do not neglect simple rules. Do all the tests well in advance and consult your beautician. If necessary, follow a diet and arm yourself with means of directional action.

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