How to cook shugaring at home

The word "shugaring" came to Russian from English. It is formed from the noun sugar, which translates as "sugar". Anyone who knows the essence of the procedure, the name is clear. Special paste, with the help of which hair removal is performed, is boiled on the basis of sugar. The recipe is reminiscent of making homemade candy, which, probably, many indulged in childhood.

 How to cook shugaring

However, shugaring - not cooking, but an effective way to permanently get rid of unnecessary vegetation on the body. Almost painlessly (especially when compared with wax), quickly, without irritation (as opposed to the usual machine tool), efficiently and smoothly. Do you like these features? Well, then it's time to get acquainted with the procedure closer, and at the same time learn how to cook the original sugar paste.

Sweet method with oriental roots

Shugaring came up with oriental women.Only their refined minds, constantly looking for perfection, used ordinary sugar for beauty. In general, in Asian countries are accustomed to pay much attention to the female appearance. In the perfect creation of nature there should not be the slightest flaw, and even more so, such an obvious sign of brutality as the hairs on the skin. Therefore, so far, among many eastern nations, a girl with excess vegetation runs the risk of being left without a husband and family forever.

It is necessary to get rid of hairs, but how? Many people know how fast they grow in the most inappropriate places (and on the head, on the contrary, usually with a snail's speed) and how difficult it is to remove them. There are many alternatives to shugaring:

  1. Normal machine. It helps for a short time, causes irritation on the skin, damages it, which causes the risk of getting an infection;
  2. Waxing. There is no need to talk about her pain, it’s enough to remember how many films showed the pains for a girl to make her legs smooth in this way;
  3. Photoepilation, laser, etc. Firstly, it is very expensive (although as efficiently as possible), secondly, not everyone is shown, thirdly, such procedures are done only by a specialist.

Shugaring is a unique method. It alone cleans the skin painlessly and effectively, while the result lasts a long time, and there are no complications. In addition, the procedure can be carried out at home, you only need to learn how to cook a special paste.

Contraindications: maybe someone can not?

Unfortunately, shugaring has disadvantages. For some people, this type of hair removal is not only contraindicated, but can also cause significant harm to health:

  1. If you are allergic to sugar, and, moreover, diabetes at any stage of development, the procedure should not be carried out;
  2. If there is any damage, wounds, irritation on the skin at the site of the epilation, all this makes shugaring impossible;
  3. It is very dangerous to work with pasta where there are tumors, especially papillomas or moles. There is no need to risk it at all, because damage to such structures can cause the most dangerous diseases;
  4. Shugaring is not recommended for people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as varicose veins;
  5. Finally, another strict contraindication is any skin diseases, both infectious and allergic (various eczemas, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.).

If you have nothing like this, you can safely proceed to the procedure.After its holding the skin will become smooth, silky, without a single hair. And, best of all, it will remain so for a long time.

Secrets of cooking shugaring paste

So, for the preparation of super-tools will need:

 Secrets of cooking shugaring paste

  • Plain clean water (2 tablespoons);
  • Lemon juice (1 tsp, can be replaced with diluted citric acid);
  • Sugar (main ingredient, 4 tbsp. Spoons).

In principle, your task: to cook a kind of caramel. Mix sugar and water, set on fire and stir until it is completely dissolved. At this stage, it is better not to add lemon juice, because the dissolution process will go slower due to acid. When the sugar has melted, add lemon, cook until boiling. The liquid should boil for a few minutes until it has a pleasant golden hue (usually around 10 minutes). There will be a characteristic smell: a pleasant, caramel. Like homemade candy. Everything, it's time to remove the mixture from the heat. We put it to cool and carefully monitor the temperature. As soon as the paste can be touched without danger of getting burned, it's time to use it.

Before shugaring, degrease the skin, ensuring maximum contact with the prepared substance.Before you start working with the paste, thoroughly moisten your hands with cold water. If you do not, the caramel will stick, and nothing will work out. We remind you that shugaring is carried out on skimmed skin, sprinkled with talcum powder or ordinary baby powder.

Stretch the caramel, then fold it widowed. Now stretch again and fold again. Do this until a substance resembling economic putty is in your hands. The tool is ready to use. Apply it on the skin against the growth of hairs, press well and tear off sharply, but now in the direction of their growth. Consistency is very important to remember! If you do the opposite, ingrown hairs may appear.

We told you how to make a shugaring paste at one time. But you can immediately stock up on a large amount, so you do not cook. The tool is well stored, and if necessary, use it will only need to warm up. In order to paste enough for several times, take all the same components, but in different volumes. For 1 kg of sugar you need 7 tablespoons of juice and 8 tablespoons of water. Dining, of course.

The paste is stored at room temperature for about 2-3 months.All you need is to warm it up to the desired consistency in a water bath. In the absence of lemon juice, you can substitute the same amount of fresh, flowing honey.

Shugaring is a modern alternative to many types of epilation. It can be carried out at home, without giving big money in salons. All that is required for this is quite a bit of time, great desire and the simplest ingredients. We wish you always to be beautiful, attractive and confident!

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