Black Russian Terrier - breed description and character of a dog

Black Russian Terrier is called Stalin's dog. Overall dimensions give the pet awesome beauty. It is difficult to walk with the dog down the street so that people around it do not notice it. Coal-black color makes the terrier even more formidable. Usually the breed is kept in the private sector for obvious reasons. Today we will study everything about its origin, the intricacies of education and care. Let's not rant, let's get started.

 Black Russian Terrier

Historical summary

The dog is unique in its appearance, but in its appearance one can find characteristics of other breeds. We are talking about Airedale terriers, schnauzers, rottweilers, etc. Such similarities are not without reason attributed to the dog of this breed. In fact, the blood of these species flows in this dog.

The dog received the nickname "Stalin" in view of the fact that in his years the Soviet kennel received a government assignment. It was necessary to withdraw a dog belonging to the guard and guard breeds.

The dog must have appropriate skills. The breed has physical endurance, intelligence, decisiveness, ability to conduct service in various climatic conditions.

Taking into account this data, the breeders received a black terrier. He quickly gives in to training, knows how to single out a leader in the person’s face, to pick up a threat.

In addition, the dog is able to make decisions in emergency situations and not get lost at the slightest danger. He is alert, hardy, watchdog. The breed is perfectly folded, the muscular frame is well developed.

The main task of dogs of this kind - the protection of the most important classified objects and military people. But in today's times, black terriers are used as the pet of the family. Keep it preferably in private homes.

Breed features

  1. Dogs are born to lead the service. They constantly need employment, otherwise the animal suffers from an excess of accumulated energy. If the dog does not start for this purpose. Then you need to download his physical activity and frequent workouts in nature.
  2. A day must be given physical activity for at least 45 minutes.Ideal conditions - the courtyard of a private house. But if the load will be everyday in a systematic mode, the dog is quite capable of existing in apartment conditions.
  3. In view of the relatively long wool, it is worth preparing for the fact that the villi will be everywhere. Dogs of this breed can not be called constantly barking, but without this nowhere due to the characteristics of animals.
  4. Breed likes to be among people, so it should be started in large families. Gets along well with children, knows a sense of proportion in games, a nanny. On the chain to keep the dog categorically contraindicated.
  5. If we consider the features of the owner, a person must be the authority, the leader of the "flock", the head of the family. The dog needs a "military hand", then the dog will obey and not be sober.
  6. He doesn’t like strangers by nature, but if you socialize an animal in a timely manner, it will be patient. The pet is devoted to the owner, differs in the raised sense of a duty and unshakable fidelity.
  7. Despite the fact that dogs are crazy about children and can forgive them even the most ridiculous bullying, you should not leave the child alone with the pet.

Breed standard

 Russian Black Terrier breed standard

  1. It was already mentioned earlier that a handsome, athletic handsome man was bred specifically for the performance of his official duties.Accordingly, the dog boasts well-developed musculature, strong bones. Reliability and power - two words that characterize the black terrier.
  2. There is practically no gender superiority; dogs with bitches are almost the same in size and weight. The first can reach 76 cm with a weight of 55 kg., The second - 70 cm with a body weight of 48 kg. Due to the strong constitution and wide bones, the weight is formed on the basis of this.
  3. The dog is harmoniously complex, there are no ridiculous outlines. The head with the body is proportional, the rounded and wide skull moderately flows into the face. Ears in the shape of a triangle have an average size, are located quite high and fall down.
  4. As for the eyes, they are oval, dark, which is not always possible to see under the tuft of wool. The main distinctive feature of the breed, not counting the coal-black color and impressive size, is considered a beard. She makes a square face. Thick lips tight to the jaw. Teeth strong, steel grip.
  5. The body of the dog creates the appearance that you have a powerful and stately dog. The neck is developed, thick, muscular and strong. Chest wide, oval, belly tucked up.According to the standard, it is not necessary to arrest the tail, it is worth a saber.
  6. The black terrier who participates in a show career must have eyebrows, a mustache and a beard. Even after grooming the dog does not lose these virtues. Her eyes are covered by a tuft of wool, which performs protective functions.
  7. Paws are large, fleshy pads, black claws. Profitable fingers are removed, this is standard. As well as the color should be black, but light gray hair is allowed (a few hairs).
  8. Since the breed was bred for the purpose of working in different climatic conditions, its wool has corresponding characteristics. The undercoat is dense, soft, not permeable to water. Wool is tough enough that does not allow it to stray into mats. Straight, with light waves at the ends.

Peculiarities of care

 Features care for Russian black terrier

  1. Due to the fact that the dog is still long-haired, it needs to be constantly combed out. Shedding is moderate, but to maintain the beauty of the dog, it must be combed at least 4 times a week. If the dog likes it, the procedure is allowed every day.
  2. If the dog takes an active part in exhibition events, trimming for wool is performed three times a year.It is very important to contact the master of his craft so that he ideally retains the most important signs for an exhibition career. A variety of styles, pick a perfect haircut for your pet.
  3. In all other respects, the features are identical to the way care for other dogs. Systematic cleaning / inspection of auricles, teeth, eyes (especially) is required. Washing is carried out as needed, but not more than 1 time per month.


  1. Due to the nature and size of the animals do not live longer than 14 years, on average, this figure is 10 years. Breed boasts a strong immune system, the body is resistant to genetic and colds.
  2. However, dogs are characterized by another kind of disease. Due to the excessively large size and body weight, elbow dysplasia and hip joints are found. Frequent cases of detection of kidney ailments.

Breed character

 The nature of the Russian black terrier

  1. The Russian black terrier belongs to service breeds of dogs. The animal has well-developed instincts to protect and protect the territory or its relatives. Often, guard breeds of dogs ruthlessly and aggressively attack intruders oruninvited guests. This can not be said about the Russian terrier.
  2. The breed of dogs in question acts more like a partisan. The pet will precisely protect the territory, it will not attack first, only to defend against potential threat. The offender must first approach, only after that the terrier will attack. The dog will not be the first to run out of the territory and attack.
  3. The represented breed will fiercely protect property and family. Even a frightening look and size of such a dog is quite enough to scare off the offender. The pet will first give you a sign in case of potential danger. If the threat quickly disappears, the dog calms down quite quickly. It does not need to pacify.
  4. Consider, a puppy should have one owner. Thus, a very close bond and unshakable loyalty is formed between the animal and man. Terriers are very attached to people, so do not leave them alone in a house or an aviary. If you leave the dog alone for a long time on the territory, the pet can protect it even from the owner.
  5. The rest of the time, such a breed remains an excellent guard of the territory.The dog will always warn the owner about suspicious activity. Pet will cast a vote only if necessary. This breed will not bark uncontrollably, although the team "Quiet" is not superfluous to teach her. The dog must be practiced from an early age, they are easy to train.
  6. Consider, if you miss the moment, then re-pet will be very difficult. Therefore, any oversights and dirty tricks should be stopped immediately. Otherwise, the dog will set aside bad habits. Do not think that the frightening appearance of the pet can be a problem in learning. Russian Terrier understands the team better than others.
  7. Breed differs in high intelligence and reliability. A terrier will always strive to please his master. Such dogs are distinguished by obedience and calm nature. Even at puppy age, you can appreciate the animal's mind. Pet learns very quickly, understands everything and adapts easily.
  8. Puppies show excessive curiosity to everything, so you need to constantly look after them. An animal at a young age will constantly climb somewhere and poke its nose into every crevice.Puppies quickly understand what is possible and what is not, if an adult raised dog lives in the house.
  9. It is important to understand that such a pet needs a master with a firm hand and leadership qualities. Without the power of the animals, nothing good can be achieved. You must clearly indicate the terrier boundaries. Otherwise, the dog can do whatever it wants. She will know that, in principle, nothing will happen to her.
  10. If you do not want an adult to sleep with you in the same bed, you shouldn’t allow it to do so at a puppy age. During training pet show fairness, hardness and constancy. It is not necessary to treat the animal roughly. The dog is very devoted and tries to please the man with all his heart.
  11. With the right approach, learning happens fairly quickly. Your task remains to be the unsurpassed leader and to exercise careful supervision. As a result of hard training, you will receive an obedient and beloved family member.

Russian black terrier has a sharp mind and excellent memory. It is a pleasure to train such dogs. In doing so, you should have some experience.Experts recommend taking special training courses with your pet. As a result, the dog will know its place in the family. Check out some details with the breeders when purchasing an animal. Experts will tell about all necessary.

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