How to get rid of tartar folk remedies

Each person tries to preserve the health and beauty of the teeth until old age. But not everyone succeeds. Various diseases of the oral cavity destroy teeth and gums. One of the most common dental problems is tartar.

Dental calculus is a hardened patina that girdles the teeth and gums. The stone consists of a mixture of food residues, saliva, mucous particles, microbes and other dead tissues. Most often, a stone is formed on the inner side of the teeth, because people brush this area less often and not with such intensity. The stone can be supragingival or subgingival. The latter is hidden in the gap between the tooth and the gum.

 How to get rid of tartar

Dental calculus is a breeding ground for microbes, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This is the main danger of stone growths.And all these pests penetrate through the tubules, which are in the structure of tartar. This can lead to inflammation of the gums. If a thick layer of stone appears between the gum and the tooth, the gum simply cannot hold the tooth any longer, it starts to lurch and soon falls out. How to protect yourself from this stone and for what reasons does it appear?

Why does tartar appear

  1. One of the most important reasons is inadequate oral care. If you skip regular brushing or do not do it thoroughly enough, the formation of tartar is inevitable. It is necessary to brush the teeth from the inside and outside, in a circular and vertical translational movements. You need to thoroughly clean the tongue - with a brush or a small spoon. After cleaning, one should not forget about antimicrobial agents for rinsing the oral cavity.
  2. If you often drink coffee, tea, if you smoke often, it speeds up the formation of plaque at times. Therefore, stones are formed faster. Clean or rinse your teeth every time after drinking a cup and a smoked cigarette.
  3. Correctly selected materials should be used to remove plaque and stone.brush and paste. The toothbrush should be quite stiff. It is better to periodically use abrasive toothpaste. Do not forget about the thread, which thoroughly cleans the space between the teeth.
  4. If you do not eat solid food or chew only one side of the teeth - the formation of a stone is inevitable. After all, when we chew carrots or a solid apple, we mechanically clean the teeth from plaque.
  5. Often, the stone is formed with a high content of salt and calcium in the saliva, which makes the saliva viscous. This may be the result of diseases of the digestive organs, diabetes and other diseases. In this situation, you need to pay attention to your health. But sometimes an increased mineral content in saliva can be a hereditary factor, in which case you just need to carefully monitor oral hygiene.

We remove the tartar from the dentist

To get rid of tartar, you can use several methods. The mechanical method is a simple stone removal with dental instruments. That is, the doctor simply scrapes the stone with a special hook and cleans the teeth. If there is a lot of tartar, and it is in hard to reach places,it is removed by rinsing or compresses from special chemical compounds. They corrode the structure of the stone and simply split it. However, this should be done under strict medical supervision, if you do not follow the instructions, you can severely damage the tooth enamel. Laser and ultrasound scaling techniques can also be used. They are based on the destruction of the stone by waves, contactless.

Folk recipes in the fight against tartar

 Folk recipes in the fight against tartar

  1. Mix a handful of soda with hydrogen peroxide, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. From these ingredients you need to prepare a mixture that needs to be applied to the area covered with tartar and leave for 5-10 minutes. Then brush your teeth with the same composition and rinse them thoroughly.
  2. Teeth can be polished with soda and peroxide. Prepare a viscous mixture and apply it on a cotton pad. Thoroughly wipe the inside and outside of the cotton wool. Such a procedure should be done every other day, if there are pronounced deposits of tartar. Preventive dose - one procedure per week. It can not be done more often - it will damage the tooth enamel.
  3. Folk remedies eliminate tartar suggests that the most effective way to clean is eggplant ash. To cook it, you need to bake the coals of eggplant in the oven. Then dip your finger in this ash and brush your teeth.
  4. Use an electric toothbrush. Its design involves the creation of a vibration background that prevents the formation of tartar.
  5. Will help dissolve plaque black radish. It needs to be crushed on a grater and applied to where the stone has grown for 10-15 minutes. Then brush your teeth in the usual way.
  6. Celandine. People have long used this herb to cleanse the oral cavity and get rid of various mucosal inflammations. To prepare the broth, you need to take a tablespoon of green or dried plants and pour boiling water over it. Cover and steep, then strain. Rinse with this decoction of the mouth as often as possible. Do not swallow.
  7. To break down the growths of tartar, you need to use natural acid, which is contained in orange and grapefruit. To do this, you need to eat these fruits more often, and also use the pulp to wipe the mouth.You can also make masks and compresses out of the pulp, which need to be applied to the growths of tartar for a few minutes.
  8. Mix a few bean pods with chopped burdock root. Fill this mixture with boiling water and leave in a warm place for about an hour. Then you need to drain the broth. Rinse the mouth with this agent several times a day. Also from this broth you can make a compress on the areas affected by tartar. To do this, moisten a small piece of cotton wool in broth and attach to the growths. Leave for 10 minutes, and then brush your teeth with a stiff brush.

Prevention of tartar

In order not to look for ways to get rid of tartar, you need to carefully monitor oral hygiene. Every day, morning and evening, you need to brush your teeth and rinse them with a special solution. In addition, you must regularly use dental floss to clean the areas between the teeth. During the day, you need to rinse your mouth after eating and drinking. Also, after eating, use chewing gum.

 Prevention of tartar

In no case can you clean the tartar yourself with the help of needles or other devices. You can damage the enamel or gums.At most, you can try to remove the tartar with toothpicks, this should be done very carefully and carefully.

Eat more raw vegetables and fruits. In order to avoid the development of tartar and other oral diseases, regularly visit the dentist’s office every six months. This will save you from serious problems and painful procedures. And then you can boast a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

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