How to moisten the skin around the eyes at home

The skin under the eyes is considered to be the most delicate. The point is that the least amount of sebaceous glands and vessels is concentrated in this area. In addition, the area around the eyes often suffers from dehydration, from which various edemas and dark circles appear. To moisten the sensitive epidermis, it is important to have basic knowledge of care. Let us highlight effective recipes of folk remedies that can be easily translated into reality on their own. So let's get started.

 How to moisten the skin around the eyes

Powdered milk

Beat 1 egg yolk with a fork, start slowly pouring dry milk to it, while stirring. Count on the fact, the mass should get pasty. After that add 25 gr. liquid honey, bring the mixture to homogeneity.

Put the prepared composition on the area under the eyes, place two slices of food film or gauze on top. Soak the mask on the skin for about half an hour, then remove the excess with a paper towel. After the procedure, do not wash for 1 hour.


Wash, peel, stalk and bones of 1 apricot. Mash the pulp with a fork or chop in a blender, mix with 30 grams. thick sour cream and 10 ml. olive oil. Make a mask on the area under the eyes, put a gauze cloth on top so that the mixture does not fall off.

Remove the composition after a quarter of an hour, then massage the dehydrated zone. Wash, apply a cream for the delicate skin around the eyes with a drive-in motion, and leave until completely absorbed.


Purchase flax seeds, soak them in cold water for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly through a colander. Place the seeds in an enamel pot, pour boiling water over it so that it covers the entire plant.

Turn on the stove at minimum power, cook until it becomes a mash mass. Stir constantly to prevent the composition from burning.Remove the seeds from the sides of the pot, otherwise they will become hard.

When flax is completely cooked, cool it, strain, apply the gruel to the area under the eyes. Soak for about 25-35 minutes, remove the excess with a napkin. Wash with contrasting water (cool at first, then warm), wipe the epidermis with ice.

Natural oils

Natural oils include castor, almond, sea buckthorn, grape, olive, burdock, corn and sunflower. In order to moisten the epidermis with one of the listed compositions, soak a cotton swab in the product, apply it to a dehydrated area.

The duration of the procedure is at least half an hour. After this period, it is necessary to remove the mixture with paper napkins, wipe the skin with lotion and apply a hydrogel designed specifically for the skin around the eyes.

If desired, you can use natural oils as a night cream. In this case, apply a small amount of the composition on the pads of your fingers, then spread the oil in the orbital bone and the area under the eyes.


Due to the high-calorie composition, the banana nourishes the epidermis with moisture and oxygen, so the product is often used to fight wrinkles and moisturize the skin around the eyes.

To prepare the mixture, take 30 grams.butter, melt it to a mild state in the microwave, on a water bath or at room temperature. Crush in a blender a quarter of a banana of medium size, combine the two compositions together.

Massage the skin around the eyes with fingertips to increase blood circulation. After that, make a mask, hold it for at least 40 minutes. To the mixture did not flow down the face, you can fix the mass with a bandage or gauze.


Due to the fact that cucumber is 80% water, it perfectly moisturizes the skin. Cut the fruit into slices about 2 mm thick., Place it on the problem area, lie down to rest. The exposure time is half an hour, after this period the product can be removed. Do not wash for 45 minutes after the procedure.

 Eye cucumber

If desired, you can use cucumber porridge. To do this, grind a quarter of the fruit in a blender or meat grinder, then squeeze the liquid from it. The resulting mass is superimposed on the area under the eyes, the duration of exposure of the mask - half an hour. Cucumber juice can be used as a skin lotion.


Wash and peel the tuber of new potatoes,grate it or skip through a meat grinder. With the help of gauze squeeze the juice, and put gruel on the area under the eyes. Wait 25 minutes, then wash with cold water.

You can also use potato broth. To do this, it is enough to wet a piece of cotton wool in it, squeeze a little and attach it to the problem area. In this case, the duration of exposure will increase to 40 minutes.

Oat bran

To prepare the mask you need oat bran. If you can not buy them, chop the flakes in a coffee grinder or blender. Take 50 ml. heavy cream or homemade milk, heat the product on the stove or in the microwave. Add 35 grams. oatmeal, leave for 20 minutes until complete swelling.

When the croup absorbs moisture and increases in size, mix the resulting porridge. Make a mask on the area under the eyes, fix with a piece of bandage or gauze, soak for half an hour. Remove excess napkin, wash with melt water.


In the pharmacy, you can find the drug "Aevit", which is often used to remove bags under the eyes. Due to the caring components, the drug nourishes the cells with oxygen and fights dehydration. Mix 5 ml. "Aevita" with 10 ml. castor oil, add 10 ml. rosehip infusion and 10 ml.olive oil.

Dampen cosmetic sponge in the prepared product, wring out a little, apply it to the area under the eyes. Wait 30 minutes, blot the skin with paper towels. Optionally, you can drive the composition with finger pads, leaving it overnight.


The bread flesh moisturizes the skin quite effectively; if possible, use rye or black product. Heat in a water bath 100 ml. fat milk, crumble into 3 slices of bread without a crust. Leave until swelling (about 20 minutes), then send the mixture to a blender.

Crush into porridge, then squeeze out the liquid with a bandage / gauze, apply the crumb to the face, grabbing the area under the eyes. The tool must be kept on the skin for at least 25 minutes, after that it is recommended to wash and rub the face with ice cubes.

Black tea

The use of tea bags or home-made compresses is considered a highly effective way of moistening. In the first case, brew the bag for 10 minutes, then apply a still warm composition to the area under the eyes. The exposure time ranges from 15 to 20 minutes.

 Black tea for the skin of the eyes

If you wish to use tea leaves, brew them for about 20 minutes, then moisten cosmetic discs in the resulting infusion.Apply to the skin for a quarter of an hour, after the procedure, do not wash.

Sour cream and dill

Wash and dry half a bunch of fresh dill (you can substitute parsley if desired), mix the herbs with 45 gr. thick sour cream. Add 10 gr. wheat flour, bring the mass to homogeneity.

Apply the mixture locally on dehydrated skin, such as the area around the eyes, cheeks, wings of the nose, etc. Keep the mask on the face for about 45 minutes, then wash with ice water and lubricate the derma with hydrogel.

Medicinal plants

For the preparation of herbal compress you will need: 30 grams. succession, 10 gr. Chamomile, 25 gr. thyme and 25 gr. linden inflorescences. Send all the plants in a saucepan, cover with water and simmer for 40 minutes over low heat, periodically pouring liquid.

After the specified time, strain the broth, put herbs on the area under the eyes, and use the infusion as a moisturizing lotion. Remove the remnants of the compress after 20 minutes, soak a cotton pad in the solution and wipe the delicate skin under the eyes.

Cottage cheese

Dairy products perfectly moisturize the skin, the tool is especially effective in combating peeling, dark circles and the general dryness of the epidermis.Mix 45 gr. cottage cheese with 20 gr. liquid honey, 10 ml. corn oil and 10 ml. whole milk. Spread the prepared mass on the skin under the eyes, if desired, make a mask for the entire face.

Soak the mixture for about 35-40 minutes. If there is no whole milk, replace it with heavy cream or sour cream. After the procedure, wipe the eyelids with chamomile-based cosmetic ice cubes.

Peach oil

In the pharmacy you will find vitamin complexes, which are available in ampoules. Get vitamins of group A and E, mix them together, add 10 ml. peach or sea buckthorn oil. Use the prepared composition 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Inject movements of vitamin oil throughout the area under the eyes, leave for at least 2 hours. In cases where the agent is applied before bedtime, keep it on the skin all night (in the morning the oil is completely absorbed).

The skin around the eyes needs regular hydration, for this reason it is not recommended to neglect basic care. Black tea, natural oils, egg yolk, apricot pulp, flax seeds, potatoes and cucumber are effective anti-dehydration products.Also do not forget about banana, oat bran, "Aevit", sour cream with herbs, medicinal plants.

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