How to make a voice rougher at home

There is no man completely satisfied with what nature has bestowed upon him. One takes offense at the insufficiently thick head of hair, the other complains of an imperfect figure, the third form of the nose, but there are those who are not satisfied with the sound of their own voice. Particularly affected are men with a high, thin voice, which enters into discord with their inwardly brutal macho image.

 How to make a voice rougher

Not everyone is lucky to be born with a deep velvet baritone, but to develop and make the voice lower, coarse under the strength of perseverance, determination and desire.

Why do you need a low voice

  1. Owners of low timbre look more representative and authoritative. When we hear a person, not seeing him, we already subconsciously draw a physiological and psychological portrait. By the way it "sounds" you can determine the role of activity, intelligence, temperament and type of character. A man with a low voice inspires more confidence, looks smarter.This fact is adopted by large companies.
  2. A rough voice is a sexual weapon in the battle for hearts. The higher the level of the male hormone (testosterone), the lower the voice of the representatives of the stronger half. Women feel this at the genetic level. Such a man becomes more sexually attractive in contrast to the male, even with the prefix "alpha", which begins to speak shrillly, breaking into a cock crow.
  3. A low, rough voice is a salvation from stuttering. Investigating stuttering, scientists have concluded that this problem is less likely to suffer people with a low voice. The stutterer tries to squeeze the sound out of himself, strains the vocal cords, the voice sounds unnaturally high. Such people are recommended to lower the sound tone, to speak with "deacon" bass.

What determines the pitch of the voice

The sound made by a person originates in the larynx, the important part of which is the vocal cords. The sound of the voice depends on their length, width and thickness. For women and children, folds are easier than for men, and for vocalists who sing bass, their mass is 4 times greater than that of soprano singers.

The cavity of the pharynx, mouth and nose form an add-on tube that changes its size and shape over the years.In adolescence, the voice breaks. The pharynx goes down, manifests itself by Adam's apple (kadyk), the draw tube becomes longer, the ligaments are more powerful, the speech is rougher.

Ways to lower the voice

Before deciding whether you want to change the timbre of your voice or not, test yourself, listen to the sound of your own speech from the side.

It makes no sense to refute the view that tobacco makes a smoker's voice rude - this is true. Just do not forget that the speech of tobacco lovers is accompanied by a cough, the voice becomes hoarse (smoky) - this is not the effect that you want to achieve. There are much nicer methods of struggle for reducing the timbre without harm to health.

Effective exercises to reduce voice

  1. Technique with the original name "from socks to the top." Speaking the words according to this method, it is necessary to focus not on the vocal cords, but the muscles of the diaphragm. We speak from ourselves, from the inside, unnaturally sticking out the stomach during inhalation, rather than drawing in. Basic exercise: lying on your back with a volume of a book on your stomach and breathing, while inhaling we raise the press along with the load.
  2. Imitation of the sound of a vinyl record when braking. The slower we speak, the lower the voice sounds, like a vinyl record, when it is slowed down, it starts pounding. Do a little experiment, say the letters of the alphabet to the sound of the record, do it also while braking it several times. Gradually notice a decrease in voice timbre.
  3. Relaxation of the vocal cords and increase in the length of the extension tube. Relaxing ligaments exercise: sit on a chair or stand exactly near the wall in a relaxed state. We lower the chin on the chest and pronounce the “and”, slowly raising our head, keeping the vowel sound. So we repeat several times a day so that the pitch of the head with the head lowered and tilted back becomes the same in sound.
  4. We lower the larynx. On the yawn and the half-lane, the larynx moves downwards; if we try to make a sound, it will be rough and low. Try to fix the mouthparts, the larynx, the diaphragm in the yawning position during the conversation and see real changes in the voice. The great Chaliapin transformed his body and organism with efforts of the will and the brain into one loudly sounding biblical Jericho trumpet, and he did it.After all, by nature, the timbre of his voice was not the same as the audience heard, the vocalist developed a “paradoxical” breath, the secret of which was known only to him.

Psychologists and doctors advise not to get involved in lowering the voice excessively, so as not to break it. It is necessary to choose a middle ground in which it will sound harmonious and natural.

See a doctor endocrinologist

Sometimes, the height of the voice depends on the hormonal failure in the man’s body. It is necessary to check the level of testosterone in the blood, the lower it is, the higher is the timbre. As a rule, in old age, in men, the amount of sex hormone in the blood decreases, the voice resembles the female sound.

If the testosterone level is low, the doctor will prescribe pills and medications; after treatment, your voice will become rougher and more manly.

Surgical intervention
The operation on the vocal cords is done on an outpatient basis, if there are no contraindications. As a result, you get the necessary shade of voice. Surgical intervention carries a certain health risk and large cash investments.

From all this we conclude:

  1. To lower the sound of the voice, it is necessary to breathe through the nose and diaphragm, and not the chest, people say - “chest voice”.
  2. When talking, relax, remove nervousness.
  3. Speak as calmly as possible, a little slower than ever.
  4. Watch your posture, a plastic person, good at owning his body, as a rule, has a low, rough voice.

Everything in the world is relative, success in life and work was achieved not only by men speaking in a rough, low voice, but also by a high (tenor, countertenor). If you, nevertheless, are unhappy with the sound and color of your speech, consult a physician, take exercises, and the result will not be long in coming.

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