How to brew dried rosehips

Rosehip can be safely attributed to the most valuable plants due to its healing properties. Bright berries carry many benefits both fresh and dried. Most often, the fruits are used in the food industry, perfumery, pharmacology, medicine. Interestingly, all parts of wild rose (berries, leaves, root) are used for making broth and tea at home. In combination with a pleasant taste, the drink has a preventive effect during the cold period, promotes weight loss, and normalizes pressure.

 How to Brew Dried Rose Hips

Rules for brewing dried rosehip

  1. Rose Hips contain an extremely high amount of vitamin C. In order not to “evaporate” it, it is impossible to boil the fruit for a long time. Berries are filled with hot water (temperature is about 60-80 degrees).
  2. Brewing of pre-crushed wild rose or whole fruits is allowed. In the first case, the infusion will be the maximum vitamin, since all valuable enzymes will be released into the water.
  3. For boiling suitable filtered or melt water, do not use liquid from the tap. As a result, heavy impurities will remain in the drink, excluding all benefits.
  4. An important aspect is the correct collection, sorting and storage of rose hips. Harvest before the first frost, otherwise the cold will destroy the vitamins. Storage is carried out in cool and dry.
  5. Wash the dogrose under the tap before brewing, then leave to dry on towels or a sieve. Then proceed at your discretion: chop the berries with a blender (mortar, meat grinder) or leave whole.

How to brew dried crushed rosehip

  1. The method is good in that the final drink is obtained saturated in color and taste.Due to chopping the fruits give all the vitamins, so you will strengthen the body well. The downside is the fact that the tea leaves are hips, which spoil the impression of use.
  2. Rinse the berries, remove the crown, cut each fruit into 2 parts. If possible, scrape the center to the maximum (bones with a nap). Wash the dog rose one more time, let it dry.
  3. Now transfer the raw material to the bowl of a blender or meat grinder, chop. Heat water to 70-80 degrees, fill it with fruit. Duration of brewing is 7 hours.
  4. After a fixed period of time, the infusion needs to be drained through cotton fabric, since gauze will let the nap through (even if it is folded in 3-5 layers). Drink warm tea, providing honey or sugar.

How to brew dried whole rosehip

  1. On 1 glass of water with a volume of 250-270 ml. accounts for about 60 grams. dried rosehip berries. First sort the required amount, rinse, dry on towels.
  2. Now fill the fruit with hot water (temperature 80 degrees), insist 8 hours in a saucepan or glass jar with a lid. After this time, remove the berries, remember them, send back to the liquid.
  3. Install the dishes with the contents on the stove, heat to 50 degrees. Then wait for the broth to cool completely, filter it. Use 130-150 ml. three times a day to raise immunity.
  4. Along with rose hips, you can brew washed raisins or dried apricots, currant leaves, dried apple or figs. Sweeten the drink to taste using honey or cane sugar.
  5. It is important to remember that from the beginning of the infusion, the vitamins begin to stand out and simultaneously collapse. After 12 hours they will not be at all, so drink the infusion immediately after preparation.

How to brew dried rosehip in a thermos

 How to brew dried rosehip in a thermos

  1. First rinse the berries, dry them on towels, then sort them. Each fruit is chopped into 2 parts, remove the villi and seeds.
  2. Wash the obtained raw material, dry it again and load it into a thermos. 200 ml. water accounts for 30 grams. berries Heat the filtered liquid to 80 degrees, pour into heat-resistant dishes.
  3. Spin the lid, wrap a thermos with a towel. Insist about 5-6 hours, periodically shaking the contents. After the passage of a specified period, you can filter the infusion and use.

How to brew dried rosehip in a slow cooker

  1. Go through the dog rose, wash it, dry it. Measure out 2 zhmen, prepare filtered water. With the help of the multicooker, you can brew a dogrose with one of the suggested modes - “Preheating” or “Quenching”.
  2. When heated, the infusion will prepare longer, but it will retain all the vitamins. Send the fruit into the bowl of the device, pour water at a temperature of 60 degrees. Set the timer for 8-9 hours, after this period you can start tasting.
  3. On the “Quenching” mode, everything is much faster: throw the briar into the slow cooker, add filtered water at a temperature of 60-70 degrees. Set the timer to 2 hours, wait for the program to finish. After that, let the drink stand for another 4 hours, drink.

Decoction of dried rosehip

Many are interested in the question of how to brew dried rosehip. Most often, on the basis of the fruit, broths are prepared, which are consumed throughout the year for general healing of the body.

  1. Throw the fruit into a basin with cold water, wash it well, then leave on a sieve to drain off any liquid residues. Cut the berries into equal parts to remove villi and seeds.
  2. After cleaning, wash the raw material again, chop it with a meat grinder, mortar or blender. Move the puree mass into a glass jar, add hot filtered water (temperature 65-70 degrees).
  3. Cover the vessel with nylon, wait 1-1.5 hours, then filter. Now pour the infusion into a saucepan, add to it 40 gr. rose gruel with 0.5 liters. fluid.
  4. Respecting the proportions, put the dishes on the stove. Tomit on low power for 20 minutes, then turn off the burner. Cover the container with a lid, draw the broth for 2 hours.
  5. Filtration, add remnants of previously prepared brew (if it remains). Add sugar or honey to taste, you can supply the drink with cinnamon.

Dried rosehip tea to boost immunity

Especially useful drink is considered in the offseason, when the body is experiencing a colossal lack of vitamins. It also helps strengthen the immune system during the flu and cold periods.

 Dried rosehip tea to boost immunity

  1. First of all, it is necessary to select, wash and dry the berries. Then each fruit is cut and released from the heart. To remove the remaining villi, rinse the dogrose again.
  2. Immerse the raw materials in a blender, scroll to a state of slurry. Chopped rose hips put in a jar, fill with water (temperature 70 degrees). At 50 gr. fruits account for 70 ml. fluid.
  3. Insist tea a third of an hour, then strain and consume. You can supply a drink with hibiscus, a slice of lemon, honey or brown sugar to taste.

Tea from dried rosehip for hypertensive

If you suffer from hypertension, it is useful to use tea from the hips, which lowers blood pressure to the desired mark.

  1. Prepare the dog rose (washing, drying, removing lint and seeds). Dry the fruits on towels, then dip the peeled halves in a stewpan. At 40 grams. raw materials account for 350 ml. water.
  2. Set the refractory dishes on the stove, set the minimum power. Boil without boiling. It is important that the infusion reaches a temperature of 80 degrees.
  3. When this happens, remove the compound from the stove. Cool to room temperature, then filter and drink a glass per day. Additionally add sugar or honey to taste.

Tea from dried hips for weight loss

Rosehip contains many vitamins that speed up metabolism, cleanse the intestines of toxins and remove poisons from the walls of internal organs. The extra centimeters melt before our eyes, the limbs get rid of puffiness.

  1. To prepare a healing potion, rinse and sort 80 gr. rose hips. Send the berries to the skillet, add 900 ml. hot water (temperature 70-80 degrees).
  2. Cover with a lid, insist 2 hours. Then set the dishes on a slow fire, stew for 7 minutes. Let the broth stand for 8 hours, then strain it and eat.
  3. For weight loss, drink 200 ml. tea half an hour before the main meal. The course lasts 1 month, subject to application three times a day. If desired, sweeten the tea with honey or "Stevia" (sugar substitute).

Dry rosehip tea for bowel cleansing

A drink based on wild rose berries and ginger root cleanses the body of accumulated toxins, removes toxins and improves appetite. In addition to the fact that you lose weight, the body will receive a decent dose of vitamins.

 Dry rosehip tea for bowel cleansing

  1. Peel the ginger root (4 cm), chop it with slices or rub it on a coarse grater. Rinse the dog rose, select the core, mash the fruit into a pulp and add to the ginger.
  2. Pour raw materials 1.3 liters. hot water (temperature 80 degrees), close the lid and insist 3 hours. After a while, filter the tea, use 200 ml. 1 hour before meals.
  3. To achieve a result (lose weight and cleanse the body), spend therapy for 1 week. Then take a break, repeat the steps after 20 days if necessary.

Dry Rose Hip Drink: Contraindications

  1. Despite its usefulness, the use of wild rose drinks has certain contraindications. So, people with allergies to vitamin C should drink tea or decoction in minimal quantities. Increased concentrations of ascorbic acid often cause a rash, a violation of the digestive tract and other side effects.
  2. It is necessary to limit the use of the drug that fights gastritis, heartburn, ulcers, and also has other problems with the acidity of the stomach.
  3. If your body is prone to the appearance of blood clots, drink decoctions and infusions in small quantities. The same applies to people with gallstone disease, a violation of the heart muscle, hypo - and hypertension.
  4. Individuals who have recently undergone surgery on the gallbladder, you should not drink too concentrated broth from the hips in large volumes. 150 ml is enough. diluted broth per day to strengthen the body.
  5. Everyone, without exception, needs to listen to your body.If you notice an indisposition, stop taking the tea from the hips. Switch to other drinks or alternate them.

To get all the benefits of brewed dried rosehip, pour the berries not boiling water, and hot water (60-80 degrees). Such a move will preserve vitamin C and other useful elements in the composition. Look at the methods of cooking broth, infusion and tea in a thermos or a slow cooker. Sweeten with honey, a natural sugar substitute.

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