The kitten does not drink water: why and what to do?

Little kittens are in many ways similar to human children. So, while their mother feeds them, neither they nor others feel the need for water, because the body gets everything it needs from mother's milk. Including liquid. But one day the kitten gains a master, breaks up with his mother, and he begins a completely different life. All cares for the care of a small purr fall on the owner, including the issue of compliance with the drinking regime. How much and how much water you need to drink a little kitten, what it should be, and why sometimes a little cat refuses it - this is what will be discussed.

 The kitten does not drink water

The importance of drinking regime

The body of any mammal over eighty percent consists of water. On how much it is contained, the coordinated work of the whole body system depends, and the lack leads to a slow absorption of the necessary substances into the cells.A kitten with a water content below the norm will suffer from impaired water-salt balance, thickening of the lymph will begin, and the plasma will begin to thicken. And this leads to disastrous consequences. Constant dehydration provokes the development of urolithiasis, heart problems arise, liver diseases develop. Without water, the cat lives for about five days, and for a normal life, water is constantly required for a kitten.

How much water does the kitten need per day?

There is no certain amount of water that a kitten should drink daily. It is all individually and depends on many factors - conditions and lifestyle, the weather outside the window - hot or cold, the diet.

For kittens who are constantly in active movement, they need more water than adult cats who are wise with life. Especially if the yard is hot, and the pet eats artificial food.

First of all, you need to decide how much a kitten needs a liquid? The rate of water consumption is determined simply - the weight of the pet (taken in grams) is multiplied by 0.03. Approximately it turns out the following: approximately 30 grams of water are used for every kilogram of weight.True, not in its pure form, but we are talking about all the fluid consumed by the animal during the day. It may be contained in milk, wet foods, soups, and other foods.

Approximately every three months, veterinary specialists advise testing the cat for how much it consumes fluids. To do this, for three days you need to arrange cups with water throughout the house, and in the evening to count how much the cat drank the liquid. Then display the average number of water consumed in three days. If the figure is small or, on the contrary, large - this is the reason to take the pet to the vet clinic to the doctor.

For a kitten that eats dry artificial food, the amount of water consumed also matters. In order not to receive harm from such a diet, the amount of water should exceed the amount of feed 2.5 times.

The most suitable water for the kitten

Of great importance is not the amount of water consumed by the kitten, but its quality. What kind of water is best suited for a dog? It is of the following types:

  1. Boiled. Almost does not contain anything useful. In addition, it attracts viruses and pathogenic bacteria from the air and after a short time (about two hours) after boiling it, it becomes unsafe.Veterinarians do not recommend drinking kitten with boiled water because it leads to the formation of stones.
  2. Distilled. It has absolutely no benefit, because it is cleared of almost everything.
  3. Plumbing. It has a lot of chlorine, bacteria, metals and all sorts of trace elements.
  4. Crude spring or well. It is useful for any living creature, but may contain substances that are completely unnecessary for the body.
  5. Bottled Pure quality water, especially if it is taken from deep underground wells. Sold in supermarkets and most suitable kitten.

However, all the time to have such water in reserve is unreal - you need to constantly go to the store, and it costs money. Therefore, the best option would be ordinary settled or filtered tap.

Requirements to be met by water intended for an animal

Drinking water offered to the kitten must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a temperature of about 30 degrees, that is - room temperature.
  • Do not contain the slightest impurities.
  • To be odorless and color.
  • Be in free access (open cups).
  • Change daily (or better 2 times a day).
  • Do not contain bleach.

The reasons why the kitten refuses water

The reasons forcing the kitten to avoid water are many. Here are the most frequent:

 The reasons why the kitten refuses water

  1. The kitten has just been torn off from the mother's breast, he does not yet have the habit of drinking water. An animal that was separated from mom does not know how to drink yet and has no idea what to do. The kitten is familiar with only one food - mother's milk. Usually kittens learn something by watching their parents, including drinking water. Therefore, you just need to teach a little cat to lap up on a plate.
  2. The bowl is dirty or there is a lot of dirt around it. A cup containing water should be kept clean and not smell anything. If it is dirty or next to it is dirty and not cleaned, then the kitten will not fit its capacity, but will drink from other places where it smells of water - from the bathroom, sink, aquarium.
  3. Ware with poor quality water. If the bowl or cup is made of low-grade plastic smelling, then the pet will not drink from it. The best way out is odorless china or ceramic dishes.
  4. As already mentioned, the kitten learns to drink, following the example of the mother and seeing that she drinks from the dishes.Not knowing where you can and need to lap up some water, the cat drinks from where it smells of water - from the sink, aquarium, bathroom, and so on. It is necessary to teach a kitten to drink from a particular pot, or rather, from a cup. He is still thirsty, will run to her.
  5. Kitten important water quality. Feeling that the water smells (no matter what), the kitten will refuse to drink. Water for an animal needs filtration or it is better to buy it in a store.
  6. The kitten does not drink because it is sick. Even if the cat has no symptoms that indicate a disease (vomiting, intestinal upset, and so on), you still have to watch him carefully and show the vet if he refuses to drink.

Ways to teach a kitten to drink water

To teach a kitten to drink water is not so difficult - there are several methods that allow you to do this with a high probability:

  1. Slowly add water to milk or food - this will allow the animal to get used to the smell and taste. In addition, it will receive the right amount of fluid.
  2. In places where the cat is most often, arrange a cup of water. He will stumble upon them and be interested in - what is it? And if the cup is also of unusual shape, then the attention of the cats to her is provided.
  3. Tiny kittens can be taught by rubbing the baby’s mouth and nose with a finger dipped in water.The kitten will begin to lick a finger, thus, getting used to the water.
  4. Another method is to add a little baking soda to the water. Some kittens like this taste very much, and they gladly gloss over the liquid, getting used to it.

If the kitten drinks a little water or does not drink at all, then in this case, a veterinary surgeon will be required to tell him what to do. If, however, with the health of the cat full order, it means that he simply does not know how to drink. Using the above methods and small tricks, it can be taught this.

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