How to bring a cat with a cat for the first time

Many people think that reducing a cat and a cat is easy and does not require special preparation. But this is not at all the case, and it is especially difficult to breed animals for the first time. Professional breeders are aware of this and are asked a lot of questions: when is it best to knit, where to plan the process, how to set up an animal, and what about the preparation of documents? This article will provide answers to most of the questions and explain how to carry out the process of mating pets.

 How to bring a cat with a cat for the first time

Short on puberty

It is known that the onset of puberty in a cat occurs earlier than the onset of the physiological one. Mean puberty is the readiness of the female to bear the offspring, and the male - to fertilize the cat's egg. As for females, they become sexually mature about six months after their birth.But this does not mean that after six months it is necessary to look for a cat and make a pair. Early pregnancy may have not very pleasant consequences:

  • inhibition of cat development;
  • weak offspring may be born;
  • the cat will suffer the period of pregnancy;
  • this may be the only pregnancy.

When the female “begins to flow,” the best option would be to start searching for a suitable producer. And it is better to stay on two or three males, over time from which you can choose one.

The males can talk about puberty when they are eight months old. At this time, it is possible to conduct castration, but it’s too early to talk about mating a cat. Cats can also have negative consequences from early mating, including:

  • slowing the growth process;
  • deterioration of appearance;
  • risk of impotence.

Therefore, with viscous animals after they reach puberty, it is worth waiting a little.

First mating

Breeding two individuals for the first time is recommended when they reach the age of 10 months. In cats and cats by this time the risk of negative consequences will decrease to almost zero.

Mating rules
To ensure a good first mating, it is worth considering some rules:

  1. Female should not be given hormones. They affect estrus and can lead to serious disturbances in the body.
  2. It is necessary to find a male in advance, and it is best to apply not for the ads found in the network, but to attend exhibitions. If you want to provide quality offspring, then it is recommended to apply only to the club.
  3. Before mating, it is necessary to vaccinate the animal from various diseases. Best of all to do it in a month.
  4. Two weeks before mating, it is imperative to treat the animal from harmful parasites, which include worms.
  5. On a mating day, it is recommended to cut the claws to avoid unwanted injuries.
  6. Before being viscous, it is not recommended to take a bathroom to an animal, otherwise pheromones will be neutralized, and the female will not be able to attract a male.

It is also necessary to trace the appearance of the female.

Mating rules for males
For owners of cats, too, there are rules that must be considered before viscous and during it:

  1. Owners of cats are advised to follow the process.
  2. The owner of the cat is responsible for the health of the cat, and if the cat attacks it, the owner is responsible for the situation.
  3. The appearance of the male must be well maintained.

By the way, cats are also cut their claws before being viscous, so that they do not cause serious harm to the female in case of aggressive behavior.

Preparation of contract

Experienced breeders who want to mate officially and each side has their own conditions agreed, prefer to draw up a contract. It necessarily prescribes all the necessary conditions for mating, as well as the dates of affixed vaccinations. Additionally indicated:

  • the timing of the cat in the house of the male;
  • pedigrees;
  • terms of payment;
  • the solution of controversial issues if a conflict arises.

Also in the document can be specified item on the distribution of kittens between pet owners.

In addition to the basic documentation, each owner of the animal has the right to receive additional information about the status of the future partner for his cat or for his cat. They can study in more detail the pedigree, to inspect the pet. All results are also recorded in the document.

Mating process

 The process of mating cats and cats
To start mating on time, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor how the cat behaves. All signs of estrus will be given a female headlong, among which are:

  • Purring;
  • Friction on the surface;
  • Increased tenderness or, conversely, signs of aggression;
  • Shivering the tip of the tail.

All of the above symptoms are observed during estrus, and that is when the mating can begin. It is best to send your favorite to the future partner on the third day after observing the symptoms of estrus. Together with the female, the toilet, food and utensils are sent to the cat. The cat is recommended to carry in the carrying.

In the first minutes of dating between potential partners possible fights. It is necessary to carefully monitor both pets, so that they do not harm each other. When the cat gets used to the partner, she instinctively begins to play around him. This means that the owner of the cat should leave the room so that the mating process will be successful. The end of the mating can be traced by observing how the cat behaves. If she is calm, we can say that the process was successful. She can also lie down next to the cat and allow him to take care of herself. In addition, the process of mating itself is accompanied by periodic howls, after which the female usually begins to lick.

After a certain amount of time, the cat loses interest in the formerpartner, and you can take home darling. Three weeks later, the male owner learns about the results of mating.

It is not always that mating can proceed smoothly and smoothly, or it may not happen at all in the case of shy animals. Breeders need to take all this calmly and not abandon attempts to find another partner for their pet.

Non-standard situations

Sometimes there are situations when the compatibility of two animals becomes difficult. But thanks to the study of animals and many years of experience, most situations are overcome without the help of the owner of the animal or, conversely, requiring his intervention.

  1. The cat is larger than the male in size. In this case, the intervention of the owner of the cat will be required. He will guide the animal.
  2. Cat during mating falls to the side. The situation also requires the assistance of the breeder - he must support the cat in the process of coitus.
  3. The cat does not allow the cat to itself. In this case, it is necessary to give the female time to get used to the male. If after a long time mating does not occur, it is worth finding another partner.
  4. The cat stops "flow" in the new place.This is due to stress. She needs to get used to, and then she will be ready to coitus with a partner.
  5. The cat is not really flowing. Sometimes the owners take the usual behavior of their pet for signs of estrus. In this case, the cat does not react to the female, and therefore it is not even worth trying to carry out the mating process.

Most situations are actually solvable, you only need to find the right approach to solving them.

Knitting is a matter of responsibility

 Knitting cats and cats
Before pairing two animals, each owner should ask himself a few questions about whether they want to have additional offspring, look for potential partners for this, and take part in exhibitions in the future. Sometimes the search for a cat or a cat for mating can be delayed for a long time due to the heavy nature of the pet or pet. And in order to participate in exhibitions in the future, you will have to spend significant amounts on breeding and caring for kittens.

Sometimes the owners do not know what to do with the offspring born. It becomes a heavy burden, which many seek to get rid of. Thus, in order to avoid a number of problems, it is worth considering whether it is necessary now or is it still worth postponing the mating until the next time?

If all the questions asked were answered positively, and the pet owner is ready to support future offspring and care for him, then you can begin to look for a partner for a cat or cat and carry out the mating process.

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