How to get rid of rough heels: 7 ways

The feet are subjected to increased load, which is located on them in the process of walking. Skin cells are erased, become coarse and dead. Neither for men nor for women, this policy is not suitable. Every self-respecting person tries to care for the feet. Special discomfort is delivered by rough heels. We will talk about how to fix the problem today.

 How to get rid of rough heels

Causes of rough heels

  • skin lacks moisture;
  • Shoe insoles made of synthetic;
  • barefoot walks;
  • open-toe shoes in the summer;
  • poor foot care;
  • lack of tocopherol in the body;
  • the use of uncomfortable and narrow shoes;
  • washing the feet with an antibacterial drying agent;
  • dry indoor air subject to walking without socks;
  • fungal diseases of the feet;
  • lack of calcium and other minerals;
  • disruption of the digestive system;
  • poor metabolism;
  • allergic to shoes or synthetic socks;
  • hypothermia, particularly frostbite of the extremities;
  • long stay in the sun;
  • frequent change of climatic conditions, travel;
  • wash water with chlorine, swimming in the pool;
  • lots of vitamin A in the body;
  • frequent exposure to depression, stress;
  • long-term treatment with stiff antibiotics;
  • taking medications that are not suitable for the body;
  • anemia (iron deficiency);
  • dehydration;
  • dermatological problems.

Peeling of the feet has different causes, internal and external. Therefore, before the main treatment, you should visit a specialist for more detailed recommendations.

Method number 1. Baths with starch

  1. To cope with the roughness of the heels and make them soft, use a starch-based bath. Prepare a basin, pour 2 liters of water into it with acceptable temperature conditions for you.
  2. Sprinkle 50 gr.starch, corn or potato, doesn't matter. Mix well, put the legs in a container. Expect a third of an hour.
  3. At the end, wipe your feet with towels, apply a special cream for the feet, put on cotton socks. After 3 hours you can take them off, but do not go barefoot in the apartment.

Method number 2. Herbal baths

  1. Any hydration will be maximum if you make baths based on medicinal plants. As a raw material, use oak bark, string, sage or rosemary. If the heels are yellow, it is necessary to add chamomile inflorescences.
  2. For 2 liters of warm (slightly hot) water, you will need 2-3 handfuls of dry plants. You can alternate them or combine. The procedure must be carried out every day.
  3. So, brew the plants and let them brew for at least half an hour. Then pour more boiling water to bring the bath to the temperature you need. Lower the foot inside, wait half an hour.
  4. After the procedure, you will feel the lightness, saturate the heels with the necessary moisture, disinfect the feet and relieve them from sweating. At the end, apply the cream on moist skin, put on socks made of cotton.

Method number 3. Grape juice or wine

  1. Surely everyone remembers the film with Adriano Celentano, where the main character crushed the grapes with their feet. Long since this method allowed people to keep their feet in perfect condition without any additional procedures.
  2. Resort to it. Send grapes to the basin of the washed grapes, stand in a container, start to push the berries. The procedure should be carried out for at least 10 minutes, then hold the heels in the juice for another third of the hour.
  3. Similarly, the effect of natural red wine. Pour it into the cavity, add a little water (50 to 50), lower the legs in a bowl. Spend the procedure for half an hour.

Method number 4. Cosmetic pumice stone

 Cosmetic pumice from rough heels

  1. Pumice stone is a pedicure tool made from volcanic lava. Due to its natural origin, the device will gently peel off the heels, make the skin smooth and eliminate natoptysh.
  2. Choose a pumice stone on your own. As an alternative, you can buy a brush with sandpaper glued. The main thing is to preheat the skin in the bath and wipe it.
  3. It is necessary to treat the feet with pumice stone for 5-7 minutes on each leg. During the procedure, the pellets will be formed, get rid of them.
  4. After pedicure, thoroughly wash your feet with warm water without soap. Dry them with a towel, apply a nourishing foot cream. Switch to cotton socks.

Method number 5. Onion

  1. Onions have bactericidal properties. It is used mainly to combat the fungus and unpleasant odor that comes from the legs. However, the vegetable gruel will help make the heels soft in a short time.
  2. So cook some large onions. Grind them through a meat grinder or blender to get the composition along with the juice. Move the contents into a bowl with a wide bottom, lower the legs inwards.
  3. You can additionally add some liquid honey and mix. The duration of the procedure is 1 hour. After that, wash your feet thoroughly with water without soap, wipe them with lemon juice to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Method number 6. Glycerol

  1. If the heels are so rough that they begin to crack and ache, it is necessary to resort to emergency assistance. Buy in a pharmacy glycerin (100 ml.), And vinegar essence.
  2. Mix the ingredients in a ratio of 20 to 1, apply to the treated pumice stone.Rub well, put on socks and a plastic bag. Wait 3 hours.
  3. Therapy should be carried out regularly, but not too often. Otherwise, you will make your heels too sensitive to extraneous irritants.

Method number 7. Electric nail file

  1. To get rid of the hard layer on the heels, you can resort to an easy and effective way. The procedure is carried out mechanically using an electric saw.
  2. Currently, there are quite a few directional devices. The main advantage of accessories is that you can use such files without steaming your feet.
  3. The device effectively cleans the layer of horny particles without any discomfort and pain. After the procedure, it is recommended to use a nourishing cream and put on cotton socks.

Fight with rough heels

 Fight with rough heels

  1. If you want to get rid of rough skin on the heels, you need to regularly carry out the procedure. In addition, the legs need to provide comprehensive care. Without fail, contact the help of trays, masks, creams, ointments.
  2. You should also completely eliminate skin diseases, if necessary, get rid of the problem.After overcoming the first stage, it is necessary to review the lifestyle and daily diet.
  3. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, give preference to cereals, vegetable oils, seafood. Not be superfluous course multivitamin complex. Do not be lazy and do exercises, as a result of improved blood flow.
  4. Regularly massage the feet. After working in your free time, do the exercises by raising and lowering your legs. If possible, go to the gym or yoga classes. You will improve your health in general and rejuvenate the skin of the whole body.
  5. For the period of wellness procedures it is worth to completely abandon uncomfortable shoes. Forget about open sandals and high heel shoes. Try to wear attributes from natural material. At the time it is worth refusing synthetic socks.
  6. If you are going to stay under the open rays of the sun for a long time, you must first treat the skin of the legs with a nourishing cream. The epidermis will be less susceptible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
  7. Prepare for the swimming season in advance.In the cold season, change the diet and begin to pay proper attention to the legs. If you often go to the pool, you need to nourish the skin with a cream of directional action every day.
  8. Do not forget that hair removal and pedicure dry skin. Remember, it is necessary to clean the heels moderately. Otherwise, you can seriously damage your skin. It is recommended to make contrast baths daily. Water should not be too hot.
  9. It is imperative to dry your feet with a terry cloth. Do not forget to apply the nutrient after this. Masks do no more than 2 times a week. Separately for feet, get a mild soap.

Folk remedies to soften heels

  1. An Apple. To get rid of heavily hardened skin on the heels will help a compress from fresh apples. To do this, take a ripe apple and skip through a small grater. Wrap the slurry in gauze. Put a compress on your feet, put on your socks. Lie down to rest, in the morning, treat your feet with cream.
  2. Cabbage. A good result can be achieved with the help of a cabbage leaf. Take the product and mash in the cup in any way possible.It is good to add a little bit of castor oil. Apply the compress all night, as described above.
  3. Paraffin. Paraffin is a great way to troubleshoot problems. Melt on lazy fire the required amount of wax. Mix a little salicylic acid and paraffin in the composition. As soon as the mixture has cooled to an acceptable temperature, apply the product to the rough skin with a cotton swab.

To bring the heels in order, you must follow simple guidelines. If you have a neglected case, try changing your lifestyle and create a new diet. After that, start playing sports and regularly carry out wellness treatments.

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