How to learn to sleep on your back: healthy sleep

Sleep is the most important part of a person’s life. During the night's rest, all muscles relax, the organs work in a calm mode, the whole body is saturated with energy for a new day. There are many techniques that are aimed at obtaining the maximum effect from sleep, but one of the easiest and most effective is sleep on the back.

 How to learn to sleep on your back

King's Pose or Right Sleep

Answering the question: how to sleep, many will answer: at least 8 hours a day, in a pre-ventilated room, dark and quiet, in clothes made from natural materials of free cut. All this is absolutely true, but there is another point - sleep on your back. It turns out that this position contributes to the high quality of sleep, normalizes all organisms after an exhausting day, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

For the first time, Mary Lupo, a professor of dermatology and a candidate of medical sciences at one of the most popular universities in America, spoke about the benefits of sleep on her back.After conducting many experiments, Mary Lupo revealed the interrelation of rapid aging with sleep postures. According to the theory proposed by the professor, it turns out that the beauty of a woman depends on proper sleep. Some excerpts from the work of Mary Lupo:

  1. After eight hours of sleep on the side, micro wrinkles form on the cheek and chin. Of course, waking up after a while they disappear, but with age, the amount of elastin in the skin weakens and it is no longer possible to reverse the process started.
  2. When you sleep on the side of the chest lose their elasticity - the muscles and ligaments stretch, causing the beauty of a woman goes much earlier.
  3. Sleeping on your stomach does more harm than on your side. In this position, a large number of wrinkles may appear all over the face, besides, the whole body will look not rested, but rather wrinkled. In a dream, the spine in the abdomen is in constant tension, it does not relax at all, which causes pain in both the back and neck.

In confirmation of the words of the professor, one can cite the fact that the posture of sleep on the back is called royal, that is, the most honorable.

Not everything is useful, which is convenient!

A person’s sleep should last at least 8 hours. During this time, important processes occur in the human body aimed at maintaining health and energy. From what posture a person falls asleep depends on the work of the digestive system, blood supply, respiration, regeneration and metabolic processes. In this regard, you should know what is useful or harmful to certain body positions in a dream:

  1. Sleep on the belly. It is not recommended for healthy people. In this position, also called the “nursery,” only people with gastrointestinal problems can sleep, and over time there will definitely be complications on the spine, as the back is in a tense state all night.
  2. Sleep on the side. Most of all poses like it, both adults and children. However, make sure that the pillow is as low as possible, otherwise pain in the neck cannot be avoided, and the spine in this position is severely curved.
  3. Curled up. The position of the embryo also does not bring anything positive. On the contrary, it negatively affects the health of women, as all internal organs are compressed.
  4. On the back. Not the most comfortable and popular sleeping position.However, it is during such a holiday that the body is most relaxed. The muscles of the face and chest do not strain, the spine is completely immersed in a state of relaxation.

Despite the obvious usefulness of sleep on the back, it is rare that anyone decides to accustom themselves to just such a pose. However, forcing your subconscious to fall “right”, you will move away the framework of aging of the whole organism, and also you will be able to get maximum benefit from night or daytime sleep.

How to teach yourself to sleep on your back

Especially for those who are going to embark on a difficult but useful health path, we offer a few tips on how to learn to sleep on your back quickly and without problems!

 How to teach yourself to sleep on your back

Check your mattress carefully
Lie down on the place of your sleep and feel all the hollows and bulges. If the mattress is not even, and the sofa or bed has roughness, it will be uncomfortable to sleep in such a position and in a dream you will turn over on its side without noticing it. The first thing you should do in this case is to create the most comfortable, soft and comfortable place to sleep.

It seems that the thing is small, but it depends on it whether you will sleep in one pose all night or not.If you are comfortable, the muscles of the head and neck are not tense, even in a dream, on a subconscious level, you will not want to change your position. Lie on your pillow, if it is too high and soft, or low and hard - keep it away. She will not help you. The best option is to buy a modern orthopedic pillow, in which there is a special recess for the correct positioning of the head. In principle, it is designed just for sleeping on the back, so there should be no additional problems with “building the form for yourself”.

Pillows and pillows again
This time they are needed not for the correct positioning of the head, but for relaxing the whole body. Try putting soft, downy pillows under your arms, near your back or lower back. Create for yourself the maximum comfort with the help of three or five down items. Your body will begin to move into a state of relaxation in itself of such convenience.

Be persistent!
Not every person can get from the very first time without turning over in his sleep and sleep only in one correct posture. If you like to relax on your side or the little ball, lying on your back may seem completely uncomfortable.Dont be upset! You will still overcome these heights! Be as persistent as possible, do not give up if something goes wrong. In order to more easily transfer sleep in a new position, arrange for the husband or wife to sleep correctly. This will be another incentive to boast his ability to fulfill promises made to himself.

Relax and think about the beautiful
Take a mini-course of relaxation, lying on your favorite couch or bed. Feel the blood flowing in your veins, as your heart taps. Calm and silence - you can do everything and you can do everything!

 Healthy sleep on the back

Say no to heavy food before bed!
Teach yourself not to eat heavy food before bedtime. In any case, dinner just before bedtime brings only problems - you cannot fall asleep, the stomach is heavy and painful because the stomach cannot digest the just-eaten piece of fried meat. And if you plan to sleep on your back, it is also several times more dangerous. In this position, the load on the liver and kidneys is created - you definitely cannot see a restful sleep. Train yourself and your family to have dinner two hours before bedtime.It is useful for the whole body, and successful sleep on the back.

Get tired!

If a person is lying all day without doing anything, then he cannot even sleep at night. Constant turning over, finding your position will hinder you from falling asleep so much that you will forget that you need to sleep on your back, and you will only wish for the speedy arrival of Morpheus. There is a way out of this situation! Work hard! A tired person sometimes doesn’t really care how he falls asleep, the main thing is to lie down rather, and the dream will come instantly. Exercise, run, help with the housework. Movement - life! You yourself will not even notice how the evening comes and you will need to go to sleep. The main thing is not to overdo it so that you have thoughts in your head that you decided to start sleeping in the correct posture, so you need to sleep on your back.

If you think that learning to sleep on your back, something on the verge of the impossible, you are deeply mistaken! Especially for you in the article were listed numerous useful properties of sleep on the back, but really you can not give yourself, beloved or beloved, a few years of youth and energy? Do not you take into account thatthat while sleeping on your back, the likelihood of wrinkles is reduced, and that morning feeling is much better than before? Down with uncertainty and irresponsibility to your health! Your health and beauty is only in your hands, or rather, depends on how well you sleep at night. Practice, you will succeed!

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