Is it possible to pomelo with diabetes?

Such a disease as diabetes mellitus imposes significant restrictions in terms of nutrition. People have to give up so many products. But all the nutrition of each person should be as useful and varied. Those who suffer from this disease, have to find those products that are least likely to harm their health, and will not aggravate the situation.

 Is it possible pomelo with diabetes

Can these people eat pomelo fruit, which is becoming increasingly popular among our compatriots? Experts say that in diabetes, this fruit can be consumed. It will bring the body a lot of benefit. But, if you do not take into account contraindications, the use of this product can also harm. Therefore, the number should be monitored very strictly.

On the shelves of markets and supermarkets appears more and more exotic fruits, which we had not even known before. One of these citrus fruits is pomelo.Therefore, not everyone knows that it is very useful for people with diabetes. This is a great way to make the diet of patients more tasty and diverse, while not harming health. After all, the fruit has a very pleasant taste and smell. Today you can not find too much information about this fruit, as it is relatively new for us. Consider what benefits it can bring us, and what are contraindications.

Fruit composition

Pomelo is a citrus fruit that has a uniform green tint. There are no streaks and spots on it. Often people can hear the name "Chinese grapefruit." People sometimes confuse him with a grapefruit, as he has a lot in common with him. They have very similar citrus aromas, they will gain a similar composition of nutrients.

What are the components useful for our body contains this exotic fruit, which is becoming increasingly familiar to us?

  1. Of the minerals it contains potassium, iron, magnesium. Pomelo is also rich in sodium and phosphorus.
  2. The fruit is rich in proteins, which is of considerable importance for supporters of healthy eating and those who seek to get rid of extra pounds, while not ceasing to eat tasty foods.
  3. Eating a broom, we saturate your body with vitamins B, A and C. Everyone knows that they increase immunity, improve eyesight, strengthen the nervous system.
  4. The important role played by the content of essential oils, pectin and fatty acids, which makes the product even more valuable.
  5. In addition, it contains dietary fiber, which we simply need to ensure the proper digestion process.

Pomelo due to the presence of these substances is very useful and healthy people, and suffering from diabetes. But it is important to remember that in the presence of this disease, the use of all products should be limited.

Benefits and harms of diabetes

On the human body suffering from diabetes, this fruit has both positive and negative effects. Diabetics have valuable support for this disease. Consider the effect of the product in more detail.

 Benefits and harms of diabetes


  1. When using pomelo in this disease, people may not worry about gaining excess weight. But the control of body weight is a very important point in diabetes. Calorie pomelo - 35 kcal. And this is a very low figure even in comparison with some other fruits.He not only does not promote weight gain. If you use pomelo regularly, those extra pounds will gradually go away. The point is that the fruit contains enzymes that promote the breakdown of fat.
  2. Since there are many useful trace elements in the pomelo, it contributes to a better supply of oxygen to the brain. Thanks to potassium, when this fruit is consumed, the mental activity of the brain becomes more active. Thanks to sodium, all the tissues that are in the body become more enduring, which is also very important for diabetics. The presence of phosphorus helps prevent stroke and heart attack.
  3. Those who use pomelo often say that the skin condition is getting better. It is known that this fruit helps to eliminate toxins from the intestines. In addition, it destroys pathogenic bacteria that are present in the intestine. As a result of such exposure in humans increases immunity. When the pathogenic flora leaves the intestine, it is replaced by more beneficial microorganisms, which form a significant part of the immune system. After that, the body responds more effectively to pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
  4. By consuming this fruit, we help the body synthesize the necessary hormones and enzymes. Also pomelo helps to normalize hemoglobin in the blood. And for those who suffer from diabetes, this indicator is very important. With a low level, they develop anemia. This further aggravates the condition. And if hemoglobin rises, it leads to the fact that the blood becomes thicker, which is very dangerous, as it increases the risk of developing a heart attack or stroke.
  5. Trace elements contained in pomelo help to bring pressure back to normal. Reduces the likelihood of cholesterol blockage. But it is for diabetics who need the most care for their vessels. For them, it is the weakest part of the body. When they are affected by sugar, they become more prone to blockage, their elasticity decreases. Vessels become more fragile. If pomelo is used regularly and reasonably, it will help to improve the elasticity of the vessels.

All these facts suggest that eating pomelo is very useful for both healthy people and people with diabetes. But it is important to remember that it, like any fruit, contains sugar.Therefore, it is necessary to know the basic rules of its use.

Both pomelo juice and fruit in its natural form can harm health if consumed in large quantities. If there are drastic changes in the level of sugar, and the disease has acquired a severe form, it is better not to eat this fruit for diabetics. In any case, if you want to add this fruit to your diet, but you suffer from diabetes, it is necessary to discuss this with your doctor.

How to use

In diabetes pomelo can bring considerable benefits, but it should be consumed in moderation. This product and its juice has a glycemic index of 30. This means that diabetics can use it.

 How to use pomelo in diabetes

By consuming this product in an amount of up to 150 g daily, it absolutely will not do any harm to a patient with diabetes. But it is important to remember that this does not apply to people suffering from a severe form of the disease or those whose sugar levels change very often and dramatically.

After eating, it is allowed to drink no more than 100 ml of the juice of this fruit at a time.

You can use this product in fresh natural form as a standalone product or in the form of juice. It is an excellent ingredient for a variety of salads.In combination with many other products you can feel the unusual taste of this fruit. In this case, the body will receive a lot of nutrients.


In what cases it is impossible to eat pomelo:

  1. If a person is allergic to citrus, then he can not eat and pomelo. After all, he also refers to citrus. With this reaction, life-threatening and health-related symptoms may occur. For example, angioedema, hyperemia, rash.
  2. Do not use pomelo those who suffer from stomach ulcers or gastritis.
  3. Forbidden fruit and those who have a duodenal ulcer or increased acidity. If you ignore this recommendation, the disease will worsen, and the person's condition will worsen. After all, we must not forget that the pomelo contains in its composition acids that will corrode the surface of the organs.
  4. With great care should be used pomelo and juice of this fruit to those who suffer from nephritis or hepatitis. With such diseases, the use of fruit can aggravate the condition, especially if the person also suffers from diabetes. The same applies to those who suffer from colitis.

We have concluded that in diabetes, pomelo is very useful.But it is important to remember about compliance with the dosage, as well as the presence of other contraindications.

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