How to use false eyelashes: women's secrets

For girls who prefer a natural image, fit false eyelashes, which completely coincide with the family in color and length. Extravagant young ladies will be given artificial attributes with glitters, rhinestones and shiny pollen to give theatricality. For glamorous parties it is better to choose colored eyelashes with fur, feathers and strongly curved ends. The possibilities are many, but the creation of such images is possible only with proper use.

 How to use false eyelashes

Types of false eyelashes

  • tape
  • puchkovy.

The first type includes artificial eyelashes, which are mounted on a continuous tape at the base. This format is often used to quickly create an image, since working with tape eyelashes is not particularly difficult.

The second type is a bunch of 2-3 hairs.They are attached between native eyelashes, due to which they look more natural. Bundles help to create a visual thickness if the girl has rare native eyelashes.

As for color, false eyelashes can be either black, gray and brown, or catchy. Depending on the goals, you can purchase red, purple, green, green and blue eyelashes. There are also pink, acid and neon (glowing in the dark).


Before using false eyelashes, make sure you are not allergic to the adhesive backing. As a rule, it is not hypoallergenic. It is not recommended to use artificial attributes of beauty for ladies with large features. In cases where you wear lenses, limit the time of lashes on the skin for two hours, because it is a big load for the eyes.

How to glue eyelashes tape type

 How to glue eyelashes tape type

  1. Cosmetic pencil draw a line on the upper eyelid along the growth of eyelashes. Remove the false cilia from the case, evenly distribute them along the drawn line and determine the desired size. Cut the excess with a manicure scissors.if the strip is too long. Apply the corrected lashes on the specimen for the second eye, then adjust them to one length. If you have acquired artificial cilia with long hairs, cut them. Consider, the hairstyle should be chaotic for greater naturalness. The image will be implausible if you cut the hairs under the ruler.
  2. Open the tube with the glue base, take a thin brush to paint the arrows and squeeze some funds onto it. Gently apply glue to the base of artificial cilia, wait 1 minute for it to dry. Glue the eyelashes on the line drawn in pencil, carefully press the middle of the ribbon and linger for 2 minutes. Now move to the inner and outer edges of the eye, carefully fix the ends. Try to attach artificial eyelashes as close as possible to the natural. Apply glue to the toothpick, walk along the lash line to fix the result. Proceed to the treatment of the second eye in the same way.
  3. In order for the image to look harmonious, you need to make the appropriate makeup. Apply a shadow on the movable eyelid and treat the outer corner of the eye at the lower cilia.Take a liquid eyeliner with a solid short brush and draw a line along the eyelid along the growth of eyelashes. In this way you will hide the glue and joint. Move from the inside edge of the eye to the outside. If you made a too wide line, soak a cotton swab with a tonic and remove the excess.

To their eyelashes are not different from artificial, eyes need to tint with mascara. Attach a piece of paper or thick cardboard to the base of the eyelashes and brush over them several times. Now we need to check how well the glue has gripped so as not to fall into the dirt with its face. Take a toothpick, break off a sharp edge and try to move the eyelashes. If they are sitting tight, you do not need to glue anything, otherwise dip the brush into the glue and run it over the base.

How to glue false eyelashes bundles

 How to glue false eyelashes bundles

  1. First you need to use curling tongs to tighten the native cilia. Bundles, as a rule, are strongly bent; if you do not follow the recommendations, the natural hairs will stick out from under the artificial ones.
  2. Take a bunch of tweezers and attach it to your eyelashes to adjust the length. If it seems to you that they are too long, shorten it.The allowable length by which the beams can exceed the natural lashes varies from 1 to 2 mm.
  3. Now you need to glue artificial cilia. Grab the bunch with tweezers and dip into the glue. Lift the movable eyelid with your fingers so that your eyelashes slightly thin. Attach the bundle between natural hairs, start the procedure from the inside of the eye. Toothpick with a broken off sharp edge, press the artificial eyelashes at the base, wait 2 minutes.

Repeat with each beam, adjust density to your liking. Next, go to the second eye. It is not necessary to glue the eyelashes on the entire moving eyelid, you can restrict yourself only to the corners of the eye, creating a "cat" look.

Important recommendations when working with false eyelashes

  1. To remove artificial eyelashes, you will need olive oil, fat cream or milk to remove makeup from the eyes. Cover with adhesive backing using a cotton swab or sponge, wait 10 minutes. After that, gently pull the edge to make sure the adhesive is softening. Otherwise, wait another 10 minutes.No need to pull false eyelashes, they should be removed easily.
  2. You can use artificial attributes several times. To do this, it is enough for a quarter of an hour to soak them in warm soapy water, then remove the cosmetic glue with a toothbrush. Dry them in a natural way, in parallel giving a curved shape. Next, clean the box until the next time.
  3. If you are going to a carnival or a youth party, cover the cilia with rhinestones. Apply glue to the rhinestone, wait one minute, then attach with tweezers closer to the lash line on the outside.
  4. The glue that comes with the false eyelashes is very bad. It spoils the structure of natural hairs, so that they begin to fall out. Buy adhesive base separately, pay attention to the professional series of tools with a brush included. Buy glue from resin or latex-based. The default is white glue, which becomes transparent when dry. In cases where you use a dark eyeliner, choose a black base.
  5. Do not wear artificial eyelashes at frequent intervals, always take them off at night.Otherwise, you risk losing your own cilia.

Do you want to transform your eyes? As everyday wear, you can choose the tape type. For ceremonial reception, black eyelashes are suitable in bunches in combination with the makeup of Smoky Eyes. Going to a youth party, it is better to give preference to extravagant images.

Video: how to glue and remove false eyelashes

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