How to wash with eyelashes

Girls increase eyelashes, wanting to save time on doing makeup. This is not surprising, as a result of the salon procedure, the look becomes more expressive without any additional cosmetics. In most cases, the master makes recommendations regarding hair care immediately after the extension. However, ladies do not always have information on how to properly wash, having artificial eyelashes. Today we will touch on this topic specifically, having considered it in detail.

 How to wash with eyelashes

Types of eyelash extensions

Sable - require careful care, are the most expensive types of eyelash extensions. Possess elasticity, softness, durability.The eyelids do not weigh down; their thickness varies within 0.10–0.25 mm.

Silk - shine in the sun, because they have a glossy texture. They are more dense in comparison with other materials, highlight blue and brown eyes. When compared with the color of mascara, silk hairs have an extra-black shade and a thickness of 0.20 mm.

Mink - thin, light, more similar to natural. With such material it is easy to create 3D, 4D, 5D volume. The final work looks expensive due to the optimal thickness of hairs in 0.12 mm.

Care for eyelashes immediately after building

The master should notify you that in the next 5 hours after the build-up you can not expose the person to any impact. Glue has not yet fully grasped, so do not try to evaluate the work on the strength. Do not pull hair, do not twitch the eyelids and, of course, do not wash.

Since the adhesive base is loose, you can easily move the cilia with the slightest mechanical impact. Hence the risk of damage to the native hairs and their follicles.

Experienced professionals say that it is impossible to expose the eyelash extensions to moisture for 12 hours after the procedure. If you have the opportunity, follow the advice.In other cases, maintain a minimum interval of 5 hours.

During the day it is forbidden to coat the hair with mascara, paint the eyelids with shadows, use other cosmetics, which, one way or another, will affect the quality of work.

The rules of washing with eyelashes

  1. High temperatures harm the epidermis, subjecting it to premature aging. Therefore, wash with water at room temperature, thawed or barely warm. Additionally, you can add a little chamomile broth to the liquid.
  2. When the specified time comes to an end, you can lead a normal life, following simple rules. After waking up in the morning, wash with boiled or filtered water.
  3. Do not use liquid from the tap, otherwise the cilia will become rigid. Contained heavy metals and impurities will violate the texture of the glue, as a result, the duration of wearing artificial attributes of beauty will be reduced.
  4. In the process of washing, rinse your eyes with water, but minimize any mechanical effect on the hairs. Do not rub your eyelids at all, try not to touch your eyelashes at all.
  5. There is a lash of the face and beam.No matter what method you have resorted to, after washing do not wipe your eyes with a towel. Allow the moisture to dry naturally or slightly blot the eyelids with napkins.
  6. After washing it is strictly prohibited to apply cosmetics for the face and eyes with a greasy texture. Creams, lotions, milk - all this contributes to the softening of the glue and the dropping of artificial attributes. The oils completely dissolve the base, as well as the texture of the hairs, which affects the duration of wear in a negative way.
  7. If you plan to paint the eyelids and cilia in particular, in the future, makeup will have to be removed. Choose for these purposes a special cosmetics marked "To remove makeup from eyelash extensions." Such products do not contain alcohol, oils and other prohibited components.
  8. Many believe that after building the eyes you can not wash with foam or mousse directional. This statement is wrong. Light texture of cosmetics does not harm the material, if you use cosmetics metered (1 time in 2-3 days). The only thing that needs to be excluded is household and toilet soap.

How to wash with eyelashes

  1. Rinse your face with water at room temperature, preferably boiled, thawed or filtered. Do not use tap water.
  2. Squeeze a little gel or foam into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together. Spread the mousse over the face, trying not to affect the eyelids and cilia themselves. It's okay if this happens.
  3. Wash off the product in the usual way, dry the skin with a towel, and cilia additionally blot with napkins or leave to dry naturally.
  4. This option of washing is suitable if there was no makeup on the face and eyes before. If eyeliner or eye shadow was on the eyelids, and mascara on the eyelashes, remove the makeup in advance with cotton buds dipped in a special tool.

How to take a shower or bath with lashes

 How to take a shower or bath with lashes

  1. The implementation of hygiene is carried out normally. With artificial eyelashes, nothing will happen if you do not act on them by aggressive means. However, manipulations should be done with extreme caution.
  2. During the water treatment process, do not direct the water jet to the eye area.Do not rub eyelashes and eyelids with hands, try not to affect them at all.
  3. If you like to lie in a bath for a long time, avoid clouds of steam over your head. It can weaken the adhesive backbone and steam out the hairs, resulting in shorter wear.
  4. After the washing procedure, let the hairs dry in the usual way by 30-40%. Then wet them with a brush for eyelashes.

On the sea, in the pool and bath with lashes

  1. Eyelashes should not be wet in salty sea water or other fresh water sources. In such conditions, the adhesive base collapses in a short time. If you add more sun action, the result is obvious.
  2. If you prefer to dive, then wear a mask or swimming goggles. Water should not fall on the eyelids and artificial paraphernalia. If for any reason this has happened, immediately rinse the cilia with filtered water after bathing.
  3. Special attention is paid to the swimming pool. It is clear that chlorine will spoil the hairs in just 1 session. Therefore, if you like swimming, protect your eyes with the devices described above.
  4. Under the action of steam, the adhesive base becomes soft, so the eyelashes often "slip" after visiting the thermal complexes. If you like to steam, then set the temperature to no more than 85 degrees and do not sit in the booth for a long time.

After the procedure, it is necessary to make an exposure for a period of 5-12 hours, only after this period can you wash. Choose a special eye makeup remover. Bathe in the sea with a mask, do not linger in the bath for a long time, rinse your face with water at room temperature.

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