How to do cellulite massage cans

Cellulite ... Well, who among women, over the age of thirty, did not come across this terrible, disgusting "orange peel" on the thighs and in the area of ​​the buttocks? Such a “surprise” of middle age can lead to a depressed mood, make complexes about their appearance. But every beautiful woman should love herself! With cellulite can be fought. Effective way - massage cans. How, when and how often to carry it out, we will tell.

 How to do cellulite massage cans

Where does cellulite come from

In general, it is believed that if after thirty years a woman has not encountered a problem, she has significant disturbances in the hormonal background. As far as this opinion is correct, only doctors know. Well, we just try to figure out where the attack comes from and what it is.

Speaking in scientific terms, the trouble is called “gynoid lipodystrophy”. It develops in the subcutaneous fat deposits. In essence, these are changes in the proper structure of the subcutaneous fat layer, which cause a disturbance in the blood flow, the circulation of oxygen and nutrients, and the outflow of lymph. The skin becomes uneven, bumpy, like a crust of orange.

By the way, doctors do not treat cellulite as a serious disease, many doctors generally consider it to be an external defect, not a disease. It is noteworthy that earlier people did not pay any attention to the "orange peel" of the female thighs and buttocks. And only with the active development of the fashion industry and the sexual revolution that swept through Europe, cellulite was ranked among the spoiling of life cosmetic defects. It happened only in 1973. So the problem is not so many years, or rather, with respect to it.

How to understand if I have cellulite? Stage of manifestation

You will immediately notice it and will not confuse with anything. Irregularities appear on the skin. Especially when it is compressed. But for many, the problem is noticeable even without any special tests.It is enough to look at the hips - and here it is, the "orange peel". Occurs in women older than 25 years, and among those who are over 30, distributed almost completely.


Experts identify 4 stages of cellulite:

  1. Early, or pre-cellulite. Outwardly not noticeable, except for a small swelling of tissues and sometimes bruises. But dystrophic changes have already begun in the fat layer: the blood flow in the vessels has slowed down, the permeability of their walls has increased, lymph stagnation has appeared.
  2. Initial. The skin becomes less elastic, pales, but the defect is still not noticeable. You can see the first signs of “orange orcs” only with a strong squeeze of the hips and buttocks. Or with their muscular tension.
  3. Micronodular. The skin takes on an increasingly unsightly appearance. On it appear spider veins and clear signs of tissue edema. The surface nodularity, its uneven appearance, lumps and tubercles are visible to the naked eye. Inside, the process continues to evolve. Fat cells begin to coalesce in clusters, subcutaneous scars appear, coarse the walls of fatty tissue.
  4. Macronodular. Pronounced cellulite. Lymph stagnates.The blood flow is broken, venous blood is retained in the tissues. As a result, they experience oxygen starvation, and the process progresses. Outwardly, everything manifests itself in coarse and large knots under the skin that hurt. The fabric is edematous, all the irregularities under it are clearly palpable, and there are areas of solidification. This stage is very rare, it requires the help of doctors. And the most common second and third are treated independently.

You can get rid of cellulite. Moreover, you need to get rid of the complexes, and proudly walk along the beach, without hiding your hips. How to do it? In fact, not so difficult. The main thing - to have the desire and a large margin of positive.

The complex of measures to combat cellulite

In general, you will get rid of the misfortune only if you comprehensively approach the solution of the problem. First of all, take your own body and lose weight. Because most often the "orange peel" is manifested in those women who suffer from an oversupply of kilograms. So, here's what to do:

  1. Revise the food and go to the right: eat tasty,varied, but only healthy food.
  2. Do physical activity, especially good cardio (athletics).
  3. Pay close attention to exercises that improve blood flow and metabolic processes, increase the elasticity of muscles and skin, toning the whole body.

Of course, the treatment will not do without special creams that help to improve the internal state of the skin and reduce external manifestations.

And yet, the most effective ally in the fight against cellulite will be a special massage, which is carried out using ordinary cans. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Banks in the fight against cellulite

So, almost each of us faced with medical banks. They are put on their backs as one of the means in the fight against colds when the disease reaches the bronchi. Interestingly, these devices are very effective against cellulite. What is their effect?

 Banks in the fight against cellulite

When we put the jar on the skin, a vacuum is formed inside the container. Modern devices have changed somewhat. If earlier our grandmothers and mothers used glass, burning the air inside with a regular match, now it is increasingly possible to find plastic, at the end of which there is a special pear. By clicking on it, you pump out the air.In this case, naturally, a vacuum is formed inside.

When we use the jar to massage the problem area, a pressure drop occurs. This stimulates the upper skin layers, returns them to tone, makes blood and lymph move faster. In addition, proper circulation of all fluids in the epidermis is improved. As a result, the clinical manifestations of cellulite gradually disappear. The effect will be noticeable some time after the start of the course of procedures.

How to massage at home

In order to massage does not hurt the skin and bring the desired effect, it must be done correctly. We will tell you how.

First, the skin must first be prepared for the procedure. For this, warm it up. The most problematic areas are the buttocks and thighs. We will work with them. Remember! Anti-cellulite massage banks can not be carried out on the inguinal and inner thighs, as well as in the knee bends.

So, gently massage the problem areas with your hands. Rub them until a slight redness and feeling of heat. Circular strokes in the direction from a knee to a stomach are usually used. The buttocks are simply triturated using the entire surface of the palm.

 How to conduct anti-cellulite massage at home

Secondly, the body needs to be lubricated so that the banks can easily slide along it. In addition, special anti-cellulite oils will also help in the fight against the enemy. So, apply a moisturizer, very carefully, stroking the heated and cleansed skin and rubbing the product into it. Remember that a richly lubricated surface will give the bank the opportunity to move along it without any problems.

Thirdly, we begin to do the massage itself. Both modern plastic and Soviet glass jars are suitable for it, but it will be easier to work with the first ones. We suck the fixture in the problem area and begin to smoothly move it across the surface up and down, thus treating the entire area. Massage is carried out in the prone position, with knees bent. First, the bank is driven in straight lines, then in a zigzag and already at the end of the procedure - in a circle, waves and spirals.

When making the massage, carefully watch how the skin is absorbed. If you do everything right, then it should go no less than 2-3 cm inside the can. If more, injury to the vessels is possible, reduce the pressure by letting in some air. Less than 1 cm indicates that you are performing the procedure incorrectly, and there will be no effect from it.

Massage do about 15-20 minutes, until a pronounced redness.With proper and regular (every other day) massaging, cellulite will soon pass away. Do not forget to moisturize the skin every time after the procedure.

Orange peel is good only on an orange, it is not needed at all in the most appetizing places of the female body. But thanks to the measures described and the magic massage, you can completely defeat the problem.

Video: massage the thigh and buttocks with vacuum banks

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