How to bring down the temperature of a cat at home

The temperature of the cat, like any other creature - one of the main indicators of health. Increased body temperature may be a slight overheating or a serious symptom. It is very important to monitor the health of the animal, because the cat can not talk about pain or discomfort.

 How to bring down the temperature of a cat

Why does the cat have a fever

Normally, the temperature of the cat is 38-39 degrees. Kittens have a slightly higher body temperature than adult cats. Depends on body temperature and the season - in summer it is higher. Sphynx cats have a high body temperature. Normally, it is 41-42 degrees. In other cases, the temperature rise may be due to the following reasons.

  1. Simple, banal overheating. If the cat is forced to be under the sun for some time, its body temperature can rise above 41 degrees.This can occur if the cat is locked in a stuffy room or during transport of the animal. In this case, you need to move the cat in a cool place, give water. Usually the temperature stabilizes after a few hours.
  2. Sometimes cats face infectious diseases. If your pet has vomiting, weakness, lack of appetite, low urination, in addition to high fever, this is a serious reason to contact a veterinarian.
  3. Cats are sick and viral diseases. In this case, you can observe tearing, the appearance of mucus from the nose, sneezing. In viral diseases, it is important to ensure high humidity in the room, give the cat enough drink.
  4. High fever may result from an emotional shake. Often, cats show anxiety after visiting shows, a veterinarian, after moving or losing a host. In this case, calm the animal and, if possible, bring the cat into its usual habitat. Stress temperature usually passes quickly after everything has returned to its place.
  5. Often body temperature rises due to the physical activity of the animal.But this increase is insignificant - no more than 1 degree.
  6. Sometimes body temperature rises in pregnant cats due to physiological processes.
  7. Often the fever of a cat is associated with oncology, so guessing with a diagnosis and delaying is equal to a crime. Show the animal to the vet and make sure there are no irreversible processes.

But sometimes it happens that the whole thing is in the wrong measurement of the body temperature of the animal.

How to measure the temperature of a cat

Cat's body temperature should be measured rectally. For this pet pre-swaddled. It would be nice if the procedure was made by two people - one holds the cat, and the second measures the temperature.

Raise the cat's tail and lubricate the anus with oil, petroleum jelly or cream. Lubricate also the thermometer tip. It is best to use an electronic thermometer, as it works quickly and sends a signal immediately after the temperature measurement is completed. But if there is no such thermometer, you can use normal, mercury.

The tip is inserted 3-4 cm into the anus in a circular motion and within 5 minutes you will know the exactbody temperature of your pet.

How to bring down the heat in a cat

So, the fever of the cat was diagnosed. It is very important to find out the true cause of hyperthermia and respond with immediate actions.

 How to bring down the heat in a cat

  1. To get started, place the animal in a cool place. Open windows in the winter and in the summer, on the contrary, turn on the air conditioner or the fan.
  2. Place wet rollers or towel-wrapped ice on the inside of the hips and behind the ears. You can cover the animal with a wet towel.
  3. Provide your cat with enough drinking.
  4. If the situation is an emergency, and to the doctor only in the morning, you can smear cat's paw pads with alcohol, vodka or diluted vinegar every hour.
  5. In no case should not wet the animal. Wet fur will be a tight barrier to thermoregulation.
  6. Sometimes a high temperature can cause dehydration. Especially if it is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. With dehydration, the cat behaves very sluggishly, sleeps a lot, it does not have urination. In this case, it is very important to unsolder the animal in order to restore the salt balance. Dissolve one packet of Regidron in a liter of water. Have a cat drink this composition.If she refuses, you need to force the solution in because the dehydration is very dangerous for the cat. Wrap the animal in a diaper and use a syringe without a needle to pour the solution into the mouth.
  7. Some points on the body of the animal are responsible for the course of life processes. To reduce the temperature, you need to do an acupuncture massage of the point on the back paw. From the outside of the paw, under the knee bend, massage and press the skin, and within a minute you will notice that the temperature began to drop. But this method is effective only if the fever is caused by an infection.
  8. For a time of increased body temperature, offer the animal dietary and light meals, mostly liquid. It is best if the cat rolls chicken broth.
  9. At a temperature, you can give the cat an echinacea tincture. It fights infection, strengthens the immune system, suppresses the virus. Dissolve the tincture in a small amount of water at the rate of 1 drop per 1 kg of animal weight. Pour the prepared solution with a syringe into the cat's mouth.

Dangerously! In no case do not give the animal human antipyretic drugs. This can cause a severe allergic reaction, even death.

Remember, fever is a serious symptom. Even if you managed to knock her down, it is very important that you see the vet as soon as possible. Most likely, you need to fight not with the temperature, but with the disease that caused the hyperthermia. Take care of your animal, because apart from you he has no one to hope for.

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