How to improve the sleep of an adult: useful tips

The presence of sleep does not mean that the rest is held in accordance with all norms and provides a person with a supply of vigor for the day ahead. Many people suffer from waking up several times at night. This is influenced by many factors, including the psycho-emotional state, the mode of work, and even nutrition. If you are not able to fully relax at night, consider ways to help improve sleep.

 How to improve sleep

Observe sleep hygiene.

  1. There are certain rules that must be followed before going to bed. Always go to rest at the same time, do not shoot down mode. It is better if you go to sleep in the period from 22.00 to 23.00 hours.
  2. Do not forget to open the windows in the room for airing, fresh air tends to sleep. Or take the habit of making a half-hour walk before you go to rest.
  3. Install a thermometer in the room, always monitor the temperature conditions in the room. Stick to the average or 1-2 degrees below.
  4. Hygiene is not just basic airing recommendations and proper sleep time. Do not eat immediately before going to bed. If you are hungry, drink a glass of kefir half an hour before bedtime. The last major meal should be at least 4 hours before the rest.
  5. Choose a comfortable position for sleep. Ideal - on the side or back. It is also worth paying attention to the bed, well, if the mattress and pillow are orthopedic. They will provide you with spinal support and comfortable uninterrupted sleep.
  6. It is proved that it will quickly fall asleep if you sleep in clean spacious pajamas or naked. Before you go to bed, take a hot bath with fragrant herbs or take a dip in the shower. Freshness will help calm you fall asleep quickly.
  7. Take care to pleasantly get tired before bedtime. You can visit the gym in the evening, walk the dog or just exhaust yourself with your chores. Light tiredness will improve the quality of sleep.
  8. Do not listen to loud music, do not watch scary or too funny movies that later will not let you fall asleep. Before resting, do not drink a lot of water or other liquid, so that you do not run to the toilet every time.

Turn off the light 2 hours before rest

  1. If you know for sure that you have trouble sleeping, get ready for rest beforehand. Turn off the lights or set up a night light to create a subdued atmosphere. You can install several scented candles that contribute to calm.
  2. The darkened room will send a signal to the brain that it’s time to sleep. You will first feel a slight weakness, and then completely slumber. Naturally, before these manipulations, you need to ventilate the room and get a bit tired.
  3. A few hours before the holidays do not use gadgets (tablet, smartphone, etc.), do not watch TV. Better read a book or dream. Electronic devices create anxiety by affecting the eyes and brain.
  4. If there are too many sources of sharp light in your room, for example, a switch on the socket, charging from a telephone, a computer, a clock with a luminous panel, cover all these devices.Bright light will break through the eyelids, you can not sleep soundly.
  5. It is better to curtain the windows with thick curtains, through which in the morning hours light will not break through. If this is not possible, put an eye patch in advance. In addition, modern dressings are saturated with fragrant herbs that improve sleep.

Fall asleep to quiet sounds

  1. If you cannot fall asleep in complete silence, add muffled sounds. Download on your phone an application for sleep, which will emit the sound of waves, light wind, birds singing. Unobtrusive sounds will help you relax.
  2. Studies were conducted that proved that such sounds not only soothe, but also drown out extraneous rustles. This is especially true for people who can not fall asleep because of households or pets awake at night.
  3. There is such a device, which is called the white noise generator. With it, you can adjust a certain frequency and get a kind of rustle. He lulls and allows you to quickly fall asleep.
  4. To doze off, you can turn on monotonous music without any sudden transitions. This style is called “Ambient”. Under this melody you will get bored and fall asleep.Be sure to set the timer to turn off the music after an hour and a half.
  5. If you have friends who, without shame of conscience, can call at night and interrupt sleep, put the phone on the “Silent” mode. Also turn off the vibration if you are not waiting for a call. Get enough sleep, then call back all morning.

Eat vitamins

  1. There are certain vitamins for people who have trouble sleeping. The complex can be purchased at the pharmacy. You need to focus on the B-group vitamins, they are aimed at normalizing the nervous system.
  2. Eat nuts, chicken and beef liver, cereals. These products reduce anxiety, stimulate blood circulation in the brain. Also useful are vitamins A and E.
  3. Of the drinks also should give preference to black tea is not strong with honey and lemon. Useful and warm milk with honey, drunk before bedtime. All cocktails and teas are taken in small sips.

Sleep naked

  1. Studies have confirmed that sleep will be stronger if you sleep naked. Thus, the body temperature does not jump, a person finds peace and completely gets rid of discomfort.
  2. It is advisable to choose for the rest is not easy, but a thick blanket. It presses the body, creating a certain sense of security and comfort. In this case, the pillows must be hard, and bed linen - clean.
  3. While sleeping without clothes, you should not cover your head and hands, you can also release one leg and put another pillow under your knee. Always keep your feet warm, if they freeze, you will wake up.

Use healing herbs for sleep

 Healing herbs for sleep

  1. Many people know the unique properties of herbs that have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person. As a result, the body can completely relax and get rid of increased stress. It is enough to brew the raw materials in the classical way to gain benefits.
  2. During steaming, useful substances and necessary enzymes for the nervous system are released from the herbs. Thyme contains essential oils, tannins, saponins and fatty acids. Brewed drink has a positive effect on the whole body.
  3. If you decide to brew motherwort, the healing herb will produce a sedative effect. Raw materials are excellent for cardiovascular diseases.
  4. As for valerian, it contains alkaloids and essential oils. Active enzymes soothe the nerves. Herbal collection is effective for insomnia and nerves.
  5. Also in the fight against bad sleep help broths based on hops. The plant contains antioxidants and phytoestrogens. Such enzymes have a sedative effect on the psyche.
  6. No less effective in this situation will be collecting with lavender. In most cases, plant ether is used to solve problems with sleep. Lavender oil treated bedding. Soon disappears anxiety and irritability.
  7. Peppermint has proven itself well. It is enough to inhale the aroma of the plant, as a bad mood will immediately disappear. Raw materials positively affect the mental state of a person. You can calm down and find peace in a short time.
  8. In some cases, you can drink an infusion based on hawthorn. In folk medicine, the fruit is brewed and used as an astringent. The composition perfectly cleans the blood of toxins and slags. In addition, the excitability of the body is markedly reduced.
  9. To soothe the nervous system, you can try a calendula-based drink. The plant also has a bactericidal effect. Together with melissa decoction will help eliminate migraines, fight ischemia, dysbiosis and nervosa.
  10. Not less effective in combating poor sleep pharmacy chamomile. The plant is rich in biologically active enzymes. The drink has anti-spasmodic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects on the body.
  11. Remember, if you decide to engage in the collection of herbs on their own, you need to carry out the procedure in environmentally friendly conditions. Next, the grass is enough to brew as an ordinary tea. Raw materials can be easily purchased at the pharmacy.
  12. Herbs are sometimes combined in equal proportions and brewed. It is recommended to add a small amount of honey. On average, the course is only 3 receptions. You only need to drink a portion of the drink half an hour before bedtime. As a result, sleep and the nervous system are normalized.

Eat products to improve sleep.

  1. It's no secret that the body draws the necessary substances from the products we consume.From this we can conclude that the quality of sleep and well-being in general directly depend on the components of the diet.
  2. To normalize sleep, it is recommended to drink more often drinks based on healing herbs. In addition, bananas, almonds, milk, oatmeal and honey are excellent for insomnia. To easily fall asleep, do not eat for 2 hours before the rest.
  3. Dip on potatoes, sea fish and cocktails, hard cheeses, cauliflower and broccoli, carrots. An hour before leaving for bed drink tea with rosehip or rowan.

Improving sleep in infants and the elderly

  1. In order for a baby to sleep without problems, it is necessary to take into account various factors. In most cases, the child cannot fall asleep due to the feeling of hunger, flatulence, cutting teeth, the temperature in the room and the freshness of the air.
  2. It is enough to eliminate such causes and the baby will fall asleep without any problems with a sound sleep. As soon as you lay your baby, you can spend a relaxing massage. Do not forget to sing lullabies and ventilate the room. Fennel based tea can help with problems in the stomach.
  3. As a rule, older people need less hours of sleep for a good rest.To fully replenish strength, you must take a walk 2 times a day. It is forbidden to sleep in the daytime. Do some light gymnastics. It is worth forgetting about coffee and alcohol. Do not eat before bedtime.

It is easy to normalize rest and overcome insomnia, if you follow simple rules. Adjust the diet, observe good sleep hygiene. If necessary, buy vitamins. It is necessary to completely eliminate bad habits and the consumption of useless products. Walk and do more gymnastics.

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