Shrimp during pregnancy - the benefits and harm

A woman who bears a child under her heart now cannot eat everything she wants. From the moment the future mom finds out about her position, a woman should watch out for food, choose only fresh and acceptable products. But food is like medicine. Some products are able to cope with various problems in the body, while others are taboo and very dangerous during pregnancy. Today we will talk about shrimps - what kind of product it is and how it comes to our table, whether it is possible to eat it in the period of carrying a baby and how to make shrimp so that they are not only tasty, but also safe.

 Shrimp during pregnancy

Can I eat shrimp during pregnancy?

Shrimps are included in the order of crustaceans, are very common in all freshwater bodies of water. The size of the shrimp can be different, from 2 to 30 cm.Today, shrimp are caught in the wild, and they also equip special farms where seafood is bred commercially. Dishes with shrimp can be found in many countries, especially along the coast.

Shrimps have a unique beneficial composition. First of all, it is an easily digestible protein that quickly saturates the body. Only one serving of shrimp weighing 100 grams is half the daily value of a person’s protein. At the same time, shrimp does not contain fats and carbohydrates, but there are a lot of vitamins and microelements. As in many seafood, shrimp contains a lot of vitamin D, which is simply necessary for the normal absorption of phosphorus and calcium. There is a lot of iodine in shrimp, 100 times more than in beef. Only one serving of shrimp per day can replenish the daily supply of adult iodine. The shrimp has potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and many different vitamins. At the same time, the product is considered quite low-calorie, it is a real fount for the diet of a pregnant woman. That is why doctors say with confidence that in the period of carrying a baby there are shrimps not only possible, but necessary. But on one condition.

Seafood tends to reflect the ecological situation of its habitat.That is, if shrimp grew up in the sea with polluted waters, mercury and other heavy metals can be found in the meat. This is dangerous for a pregnant woman, especially in the early stages, when all the organs and systems of the baby are only laid. In addition, even “farm” shrimps, which are often stuffed with antibiotics and other drugs, can be harmful. Try to buy only the product that you are sure of. There are shrimps during pregnancy is possible, but only in small quantities and only with a certificate of conformity of the product GOST.

The benefits of shrimp during pregnancy

As noted, shrimp is a very valuable, and most importantly, an incredibly tasty product that is very useful for women, especially during pregnancy.

  1. Shrimp - the perfect food, because it gives a feeling of satiety, but does not add calories, this is the best solution for pregnancy.
  2. Often, shrimps are served in salted form, which is very pleasing to the sophisticated taste of a pregnant woman, replacing such hazards as crackers, chips, etc.
  3. A large amount of phosphorus and calcium makes up for the deficiency of these trace elements in the body, allowing a woman to keep her teeth in a healthy state until the end of pregnancy.For the same reason, shrimp are very useful during lactation.
  4. Shrimp has folic acid, which is so necessary during pregnancy, especially in the early stages. This vitamin reduces the risk of developing fetal neural tube pathologies.
  5. Substances contained in shrimp, are involved in the blood, it is very important for pregnancy, when in a short time the body increases the amount of blood circulated for two organisms.
  6. Shrimp, like many seafood, contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which strengthen the immune system of women, protect it from colds. In addition, these acids reduce the risk of various pathologies in the fetus.
  7. Iodine in the composition of the product is essential for the normal functioning of the endocrine system of a woman and a child.
  8. The composition of shrimp has antioxidants that increase the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce the risk of blood clots.
  9. Shrimp is an absolutely hypoallergenic product that not only causes no reaction, but also perfectly suppresses various allergic manifestations.
  10. The rich mineral composition of shrimp allows you to preserve the beauty of nails and hair during pregnancy and lactation, when most of the vitamins go to the diet and development of the baby in the womb.

The composition of shrimp contains a large amount of selenium, which with regular consumption reduces the risk of developing malignant tumors, preventing oncology. Shrimps are particularly effective in preventing colorectal cancer.

How to choose and safely cook shrimp?

When you are in an interesting position, you cannot rely on the first chosen restaurant and there are dubious shrimp dishes that are not fresh. If the craving for the product is insurmountable, you need to choose the shrimp and cook them yourself.

 How to choose and safely cook shrimp?

Of course, it is best to buy fresh shrimp, directly from a fishing boat or from a farm. But if you do not live on the coast, it is more difficult to do. In grocery stores most often sell boiled shrimp frozen. If you can buy fresh frozen products, do it. Carefully inspect the carcass of marine crustaceans. They must be fresh, have the smell of the sea. If the shrimp is not frozen, lightly press down on its shell. Young and fresh shrimps will be wet and moderately elastic, old crustaceans have a hard shell.On the surface of the carcass should not be heterogeneous specks and spots. If there are black blotches on the paws, this indicates the old age of the product; when cooked, the shrimp will turn into porridge. Sometimes unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers try to erase these black blotches using various chemical compounds. From this, yellow spots appear on the shell - such a product is also not worth taking. Do not be afraid to buy shrimps with green heads - such individuals simply ate plankton, there is nothing wrong with that. But if the head of the shrimp is brown, it means that the individual in front of you is female and she is pregnant. Eggs in shrimp are in the legs, they are also very tasty.

When eating shrimp you do not need to be zealous, the shrimp meat itself is already very tasty and does not need additional seasonings and spices. Boil the shrimp need no more than 7 minutes, after cooking, just salt the meat and eat it with vegetables and sauce.

Science has long proven that a woman during pregnancy wants exactly what she lacks in the body, so the craving for exotic products is particularly strong. It is possible, therefore, in the people there is an opinion that a pregnant woman should not be refused. And if she wanted shrimp - just make sure that the product is natural and fresh.

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