How to get rid of skin laxity on the legs

The love of fatty or sugary foods, lack of physical exertion and poor skin care is a direct way to cellulite and flabbiness of the legs. In winter, jeans and warm trousers hide a cosmetic defect, but what to do in summer when everyone wears short shorts and mini skirts? Wear long sundresses and breeches? Do not sunbathe on the beach? It is better to stop panicking, have patience and start caring for your own body.

 How to get rid of loose skin

Exercise instead of a thousand creams

The skin loses its elasticity and becomes similar to jelly due to a thick fat layer or a sharp weight loss when it does not have time to adjust to the new parameters. It is not for nothing that fitness trainers recommend combining proper nutrition with special exercises that develop muscles and help shape beautiful legs.

If there is no desire or opportunity to go to the gym, you should ride a bike daily, go for a run, get a skipping rope and forget about the existence of an elevator.Useful squats and lunges. They start with simple ones, and further complicate training with dumbbells or other weights. Recommend complexes aimed at stretching. Thanks to these exercises, you can tighten the skin and sit on the splits.

Work is 10 minutes from home? No minibuses and buses, only walking. Extreme girls are advised to use rollers or skateboards, and in winter skates or skis will do.

Tip: Every free minute should be carried out actively. Jumping on the spot, walks from the bedroom to the kitchen, various squats and stuff. Beautiful legs and a sofa are incompatible.

Time to change diet

Poor metabolism is one of the causes of loose skin. There is a list of products that trigger metabolic processes in the body, and which slow them down. You can not starve, as well as eat only lettuce or pasta with buns. Balanced nutrition - the second step on the way to the tightened legs.

The body needs proteins:

  • chicken, preferably boiled or steam;
  • low-fat marine fish;
  • eggs that can be cooked or used to make a steam omelette;
  • kefir and cottage cheese.

Not to do without vitamin A, which is used by the body to produce collagen. If there are no carrots, tomatoes, parsley, mango, apricots, pumpkin, beef liver and oats in the menu, you can not even dream of a beautiful toned skin.

Mandatory point of a proper diet - antioxidants and fiber. Components perform the function of scrub, cleansing the body and intestines from harmful accumulations. As a result, metabolism is accelerated and fat splitting is triggered. The menu should be enriched with apples and strawberries, pink potatoes and prunes, cranberries and currants, spinach, beans and sweet peppers.

The skin needs to be moisturized both outside and inside. Water is actively involved in the restoration of the epithelium, so a person should drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Athletes and people who spend a lot of time in the gym are recommended to increase the daily rate to 2.5–3 l.

Cosmetic procedures

Proper eating and exercise are good, but you can speed up the process with wraps and special creams. The most popular honey treatments, algae and fruit varieties.

 Cosmetic procedures for sagging skin of the legs

Sweet help
This recipe will remove cellulite, make the skin more elastic and start the process of burning fat. It will take 4 spoons of buckwheat or linden honey, which is heated in a water bath. So that the product does not lose its beneficial properties, the temperature should not rise above 60 degrees. Add the egg yolk to the warm bee product, beat until smooth. Infuse 4–5 drops of citrus essential oil, mix and treat with a mixture of feet. To wrap up with a film, to stretch warm tights from above, or to lie down under a rug for 30 minutes. It remains to wash off the honey with water, and moisturize the skin with a cream.

A more aggressive option is prepared from a spoonful of warm honey and 2 tablespoons of mustard powder. Used for wraps, but you can not keep more than 40 minutes, so as not to burn the skin. Carefully rinse and always apply the cream.

Algae against flabbiness
Laminaria is sold in pharmacies or cosmetic stores. There are two types of algae wraps: cold and hot. In the first case, kelp is poured with water at room temperature, in the second - warm, 36–38 degrees. With softened sheets, wrap the legs, fix the algae with cling film and rest for half an hour.It will take 10-12 procedures so that people around you begin to notice the result.

Fruit for beautiful legs
The summer version of loose skin consists of ripe melon, water and lemon juice. The first component is cleaned of a hard shell, and the flesh is cut into cubes and whipped with a blender together with liquid ingredients. Immerse gauze in the mixture, do not squeeze, but immediately wrap problem areas. Cover with plastic bags or plastic film, wait 20–40 minutes.

Recipe with aloe
Suitable only adult plant, which is not less than 3 years. Cut the bottom sheet, wash and cut lengthwise into two halves. To rub pulp a flabby skin once a week, with circular soft movements. Leave aloe for 20 minutes, and then rinse with plain water.

For wrapping use green tea brewing, natural black chocolate, blue clay.

Water is a friend of beautiful legs

It is useful to take a contrast shower every day to improve blood circulation. You can turn on the maximum pressure and direct the jet to your feet, massaging the skin in circular motions. Salt baths with or without essential oils are recommended.You should get a hard washcloth and use it during each swim.

 Water is a friend of beautiful legs

If there are no contraindications, it is necessary to visit the bath or sauna. High temperatures promote skin renewal and rejuvenation. Problem areas can be massaged with birch besoms. And after high temperatures it is useful to plunge into the pool or the nearest snowdrift.

For loose skin, swimming or aerobics is advised. You can give yourself a subscription to the pool or go for a week or two at sea.

Scrubs and creams

Before going to the shower or while bathing, the skin can be treated with home or store scrubs. To prepare the tool, simply mix the ground coffee beans with water or use coffee grounds. Useful options of sea salt with honey or crushed apricot kernels.

It is not necessary to buy anti-cellulite cream. It will cost more, but in practice it is no different from the usual moisturizing or nourishing. The main thing is that caffeine, green tea or pineapple extracts, guarana or cocoa, hyaloronic acid and vitamin A are present in the composition of the cosmetic. Retinol can be bought separately from the pharmacy and added to the cream.In a separate clean container to shift a small amount of moisturizer, add 3-4 drops of vitamin, mix thoroughly and rub into the skin. Ascorbic acid is used in a similar way.

After water procedures, it is recommended to massage the skin. Some buy special devices, but you can limit your fingers. It is enough to pinch and pull up the skin on problem areas until a slight reddening. Complete the procedure with cream or oil.

If you regularly care for your skin, monitor your diet and train your body, flabbiness will disappear after a few months. And if you need fast results, then you should seek help from spas, professional beauticians and massage therapists.

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