Saffron - useful properties and application

All seasonings are ideally combined with meat and fish dishes. Saffron is not on the list of exceptions. This is one of the most expensive spices in the world, the price per kilogram can reach $ 30.000. Agree impressive. It’s all about rarity, cultivation difficulties and a huge list of valuable qualities Therefore, an urgent need to familiarize yourself with them, as well as to study what damage can be caused to the body during abuse.

 Useful properties and application of saffron

The composition of saffron

In order to identify for sure what benefit a fragrant spice will bring to a person, it is necessary to begin consideration with a chemical list of incoming substances.

So, in the spice there are vitamins related to group B. Among the most significant ones we list the following: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, folic acid, pantothenic acid, choline, etc.

A special place in the seasoning is given to vitamin PP, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, vitamin R.

Of the minerals present in the composition of calcium, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, manganese. Not without the participation of essential oils, they are most in saffron. Carotene and nitrogen compounds are also present in a small amount.

Saffron Properties

Research on the medicinal qualities of the plant has been conducted for a long time, but they have not been fully studied. However, the list is already impressive.

  1. Saffron is the basis of many ointments, tinctures, decoctions, compresses, which treat dermatological problems.
  2. Spice has long been used for male impotence. It is added to the usual dishes to increase potency and chances of conception.
  3. Also seasoning is valuable for the female reproductive system. It must be included in the diet to improve fertility.
  4. The presented product is the best effect on the human central nervous system, reducing the compliance stress and eliminating problems with sleep.
  5. Saffron controls brain activity by stimulating neurons. Enough to enter the spice in the basic nutrition to improve the important cognitive abilities.
  6. It does not do without a positive impact on the activity of the digestive organs, in particular the intestines and the stomach.
  7. Spice is used as a medicine for a thousand and one diseases, but saffron has the most positive effect on the circulatory system and heart.
  8. Seasoning is necessary to consume people with fallen eyesight, in order to increase its sharpness, to carry out prevention of cataracts, glaucoma.
  9. This spice acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. Therefore, it is added to the perfume and consumed with food to enhance sexuality.
  10. The presented product is a high-quality antioxidant that cleans the cavity of internal organs from toxic substances, salts, radionuclides.
  11. Saffron cleans the kidneys quickly because it is famous for its diuretic effect. Spice pain relieves, relieves cramps in the lower abdomen of girls during menstruation.
  12. Useful qualities of this spice make many use it to prevent cancer. A particular positive effect is noted on the liver.
  13. The spice is recommended for consumption by the categories of persons who live in unfavorable environmental conditions.Spice cleanses the internal organs and respiratory tract in particular.

Saffron application

The presented spice is also called crocus. Spice is used in folk medicine, so it makes sense to consider effective means based on it.

 Saffron application

  1. The simplest method of use is considered daily intake of tinctures on the stigmas. It is prepared from two frayed veins, mixed with 0.2 liters. hot water or heated milk. After infusion, the agent is filtered, consumed regularly to increase brain activity and strengthen the immune system.
  2. There is another universal medicine that has a positive effect on blood-forming processes. Connect 10 veins with 0.25 ml. hot water, cook for 5 minutes, add another 0.3 liters. boiling water. Remove before the start of drilling, consume after removing from the sediment 0.2 l. before the meal.
  3. To normalize digestive processes and speed up metabolism, tincture is prepared on stigmas. To do this, mix a teaspoon of raw materials and 250 ml. hot water. After a two-hour infusion, the mixture is filtered, consumed in 30 ml. three times a day before meals.
  4. In order to get rid of cystitis, it is recommended to mix the veins in the juice of cranberries or lingonberries. On 100 ml. diluted with water means there are 1 pc. saffron raw materials. This mixture is suitable to receive thrice daily 0.1 liters. before the start of the meal. Be sure to drink water.
  5. To crush tumors in the kidneys, as well as remove the sand, you should take the infusion of saffron with honey. Per day it is necessary to use 25 ml. means 3 times before meals.
  6. If the menstrual cycle is lost, as well as painful sensations during urination, it is necessary to make a decoction of 5 veins and 0.4 l. water. This tool is taken in the morning to 0.1 liters. on empty stomach.
  7. If you suffer from severe intoxication and want to cleanse the body in a complex way, we advise you to prepare the product according to the following recipe. Connect 10 stigmas spices with half a meal of raisins and 140 ml. cold water. Insist 3 hours, take, without straining, twice a day for 25 days.
  8. It has already been mentioned that the presented spice is considered a powerful stimulator of potency. To cope with male impotence, the composition of ground black pepper (3 pinch), saffron stigmas (3 pcs.), Ginger root (10 gr.), Water (300 ml.) Is prepared. Accepted after infusion of 50 ml. 4 times a day.
  9. Barley can be treated with regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties of saffron. Crush in porridge 6 veins, mix with rose water in an equal ratio. Apply in the form of a compress, keep a quarter of an hour. Procedures are carried out until the symptoms disappear.
  10. Of course, it does not do without use in the cosmetic industry. To improve the complexion, tighten the skin, highlight the jaw line, make a mask three times a week. Connect 20 gr. Honey with 3 saffron stigmas (ground). Add a spoonful of sour cream, apply for half an hour.

Cooking Saffron

 Cooking Saffron

  1. Adding this spice to various foods gives the dish a special zest. The taste is quite interesting and pleasant. Also, the dish takes on a beautiful golden hue. In cooking, saffron is considered a royal spice.
  2. Spice received this name due to the high cost and unique taste. Spice is combined with almost any dish that has a unique taste and aroma. Saffron is also added to sausages, cheeses, dough drinks and pastry treats, creams. Spice is especially popular in Spain and India.
  3. Such raw materials are perfectly combined with rice of any variety. Also, the spice is often added to the composition of various cocktails and liqueurs. It is important to know that the permissible rate of spices should not exceed 1 gr. in year. This is of the order of 390-410 veins.
  4. Before you add raw materials to the dish, it is subjected to roasting on a lazy fire. After that, saffron is ground to powder. Next, the composition is mixed with water or 30 ml. warm milk. As a result of such actions, the aromatic qualities of spices are better disclosed. Next, the raw material is enough to connect with the dish.
  5. You can also do an alternative way to prepare spices for consumption. Pour 120 ml. warm water 1 gr. saffron. You can also take milk. Not less popular and alcohol tincture. Stigma enough to dissolve in alcohol. After which the composition is diluted with water.
  6. If you decide to cook a hot dish, then the spice must be entered a few minutes before the end of the preparation of the composition. When cooking pastries, spices are introduced at the time of kneading the dough or before baking. At 1.5 kg. test taken to take about 0.1 grams. saffron.
  7. Consider, if you decide to add saffron in any dish, the composition is prohibited to combine with other spices. Believe me, the final product will be spoiled.It is also worth knowing that the presented spice has a sharp taste and strong aroma. Therefore, when adding saffron to dishes, strictly follow the dosages specified in the recipes.

Saffron in cosmetology

 Saffron in cosmetology

  1. Manufacturers of professional line products add essential oil of the plant to the products. Saffron has a positive effect on the skin. Benefit is achieved at the cellular level. The epidermis is noticeably rejuvenated, refreshing the tone of the face.
  2. The systematic use of expensive cosmetics with the addition of such ether will help to cope with age spots, wrinkles, creases and acne. Also in the skin metabolic processes increase markedly, wounds heal faster, inflammatory processes take place.
  3. Cosmetics with saffron extract can not afford all the fair sex. Such products are also quite difficult to find on sale, but if you find them, you will definitely not be sorry. The result will amaze you. Alternatively, you can use the homemade recipe.
  4. Take a teaspoon of powder represented by the plant, 10 gr. honey and 12 gr. sour cream. Stir the ingredients until smooth. Spread the product in a thick layer over the face. Wait for about a third of an hour, then wash with hot water. As a result, the skin will be fresher, the cells will receive full hydration and nutrition.

Contraindications of saffron

  1. The unique qualities of the plant were studied in ancient times. With the help of spices struggled with serious pathologies and diseases. When applied correctly, achieved amazing results. It is important to understand that non-compliance with certain rules may adversely affect your health.
  2. When adding spices to dishes, it is imperative that you follow the measure. Saffron is the strongest spice that can provoke serious consequences for the human body. Active enzymes can disrupt the activity of the central nervous system and lead to serious poisoning.
  3. It is forbidden to consume dishes with spice in the presence of diabetes and hypertension. During gestation, it is better to abstain from the composition.Purchase raw materials in small portions and use wisely. If necessary, consult with a specialist.

Saffron is a spice with a great history, the spice has long been used to eliminate a thousand and one diseases. This is not surprising, since the seasoning has a pronounced healing power. It is equally useful for the male and female half of the population. But in order not to harm health, take into account contraindications.

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