Black Sesame - useful properties and contraindications

Everyone is familiar with sesame seeds, fragrant and tasty grains, which are often decorated with dishes. From seeds make the most valuable oil, which is widely used in medicine, cosmetology and the culinary field. There are several varieties of sesame - white and black, we are interested in the second option. Let's look at the main properties of the product and its possible contraindications.

 Useful properties and contraindications of black sesame

The composition and properties of black sesame

Sesame has a dark color because it is not subjected to pre-cleansing. It is because of this in the shell accumulates much more nutrients.

Black sesame is 65% more calcium than white grain. Also, the product boasts the inclusion of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins of various groups.Of the latter, ascorbic acid, retinol, tocopherol, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamine occupy a special place.

Of the minerals, it is necessary to select the most significant ones, such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, the previously mentioned calcium, copper, chromium, rubidium, molybdenum, and zinc.

It is worth mentioning separately the value of sesame due to the accumulation of fitin. This substance must necessarily come with food. Sesame also concentrates lecithin, dietary fiber.

Of the total seed volume, more than 53% are fatty acids. The raw material is famous for its content of antioxidants, natural saccharides, which are presented in the form of glucose and fructose. Valuable plant fiber cleanses the intestinal tract and normalizes digestion.

Of the entire list of acids, the most honorable place is given to linoleic and oleic. But besides them, there are also arachidonic, stearic, palmitic fatty acids.

Seeds are not deprived of phytosterols, which, when properly used sesame, prevent cancer diseases. In the grains there are much more phytosterols than in the notorious pistachios or sunflower seeds.

It has already been said that sesame is considered a storehouse of fatty acids. They are needed to maintain water balance, improve skin and hair, protect cells from toxins.

It is interesting that black sesame is the champion in the content of the mineral compound - iron. This element is important for people suffering from anemia (anemia).

Sesamin, which is among the antioxidants and is also present in sesame, is necessary for the heart muscle and the entire vascular system. Sezamin strengthens the walls of the blood channels and makes them resilient.

The benefits of black sesame

  1. All girls and women know that in order to maintain their youth, it is necessary to use foods rich in antioxidants. Sesame is one of them. It cleanses the internal organs of toxins, preserves the youth of the tissues and enriches the cells with oxygen by increasing blood.
  2. Many dietary fibers in the composition ensure that the organs of the gastrointestinal tract will work harmoniously. Frequent and metered intake of sesame relieves constipation, because the seed has a mild laxative property.
  3. Linoleic acid, which is included in a large volume, is responsible for cleansing the blood channels from cholesterol deposits. Due to this, atherosclerosis and other serious pathologies are prevented.
  4. Black sesame removes excess sugar from the blood, thereby stabilizing the level of glucose in the body of diabetics. Seeds increase glycogen accumulation in muscle tissue and the liver.
  5. Fatty acids in sesame unsaturated type. This allows treatment and preventive measures of various bowel diseases. Tocopherol, which is otherwise called vitamin E, is needed to prevent the early aging of cells and tissues.
  6. Systematic, but proper use of seeds leads to the fact that the body leaves heavy metal salts, slags, toxic substances. Complex cleansing promotes mild weight loss without stress for a person.
  7. Sesamin is one of the natural antioxidants. This substance fights against high blood pressure, has a diuretic effect, eliminates swelling of tissues and limbs. Therefore, sesame is important for people suffering from heavy legs syndrome.
  8. Seeds must be consumed to cleanse the liver and restore its structure. A decoction of sesame removes ethyl alcohol from the body, helps alleviate the condition of a person with a hangover.
  9. Grains are indispensable for categories of people who work a lot mentally and need additional feeding of the brain. Sesame leads to enhanced stimulation of neurons, against the background of which all cognitive functions are improved.
  10. Due to the decrease in intracranial pressure, frequent headaches and migraines disappear. Sesame oil can lubricate the whiskey with their strong pulsation.
  11. The accumulation of vitamins of group B leads to the normalization of the psycho-emotional environment. This is important for people who often experience stress, are depressed and have poor sleep.
  12. Due to the content of zinc with calcium, the condition of bone tissue, teeth, nail plates, skin and hair is improved. Seeds need to be consumed by ladies during menopause and the elderly to prevent osteoporosis.

Black sesame oil

  1. The oil based on raw materials has unique qualities and the ability to retain useful properties for 9 years.Such a composition does not lose the qualities and abundance of minerals. Oil perfectly helps with peptic ulcer and gastritis.
  2. To improve the health of the patient is recommended to take 40 ml. raw materials thrice a day before meals. To cope with constipation and colitis, the oil should be drunk at 30 ml. before bedtime. In addition, the herbal product increases blood clotting and is able to stop bleeding.
  3. Black sesame oil is in demand in the cosmetic industry. Raw materials are actively used in the composition of sunscreens. The product is actively used in massage practice. After the procedure, muscle tone increases, the skin rejuvenates and small wounds are tightened.
  4. In order to fully saturate the body with beneficial enzymes and improve the condition of hair, skin, nail plate, oil is recommended to be mixed into various dishes. Sesame product goes well with vegetable snacks and salads.

Black Sesame Flour

  1. Seed meal has a strong detoxification effect. Sesame seeds can be independently ground in the amount of 30 grams. Take the powder before meals for half an hour. Active ingredients will help to clean the body from slagging.
  2. Sesame powder has anti-inflammatory qualities.To soften the flow of mastopathy, it is recommended to take a slurry of butter and flour raw materials. If you suffer from neuralgic pains in the lower back and limbs, you can use black sesame seeds warmed in a pan and ground to powder.

Black sesame for men

 Black sesame for men

  1. In ancient times, flax porridge, seasoned with sesame oil, was very popular. The tool has a positive effect on the human body, acting as the strongest aphrodisiac.
  2. In eastern countries, sesame seeds are actively used to enhance and treat male potency. To prepare an effective tool you need to connect 40 grams. heated seeds and 20 gr. flower honey. Stir the ingredients thoroughly. Take 3 times a day.
  3. In addition, the raw materials are recommended for athletes. Seeds contribute to increase muscle mass and give relief. Experts recommend athletes to eat raw seeds of black and white sesame.

Black sesame for women

  1. The benefits of seeds for the fair sex is the impact on the body during menopause.Raw materials greatly facilitate the physical and psychological state. The presence of phytoestrogens in the composition of sesame stabilize hormones.
  2. Systematic use of the product will ease the symptoms of menopause. The abundance of calcium in the seeds helps to prevent the development of osteoporosis, which many women are prone to during menopause.
  3. As for the representatives of the weaker sex during gestation, sesame will be invaluable in the development of the baby. Seeds have a beneficial effect on the formation of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.
  4. During breastfeeding the product will positively affect the production and quality of milk. After a few days, you will feel a palpable surge of fluid. In addition, the milk fully saturate the baby and energize.
  5. It is important to understand that the abuse of raw materials can leave its mark. Overeating sesame provokes the bitterness of milk. Experts strongly recommend eating no more than 15 grams per day. seeds.
  6. Considering all the above-described beneficial qualities of black sesame, it is mandatory to include it in raw materials in the daily diet.Oil product will help to maintain the beauty at the proper level.

Contraindications black sesame

  • Sesame is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.
  • It is forbidden to eat seeds in any quantity during thrombocytosis.
  • Raw materials are strictly contraindicated in urolithiasis.
  • During the period of gestation, strictly follow the prescribed norm.

The beneficial properties of black sesame are invaluable to the human body. Systematic intake of raw materials enhances human health. Various cosmetics and natural oil will allow women to always look at height.

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